Little Back and Biceps..for everyone

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Back Blasts


11 PAX posted on this gloomy morning for YHC VQ.

A few of the PAX have been EH YHC to Q. Well that time has come on this glorious morning. YHC was a bit nervous but came up with a plan for torture that the PAX isn’t used to seeing as YHC GUARANTEED #NOMOSEY. YHC kept ongoing over the details with his M and even went to the AO to test a few “theories” out. YHC had a failed attempt on creating a lat pull down with the hoop support bracket. So out was the lat pull downs and in came the dead lifts. At one point the M advised YHC, to really do a switch on the PAX and go MOSEY, YHC was against that idea.

YHC begged and pleaded to borrow enough equipment to pull this off. Special shoutout to @haka and @notoriousnyc thanks for the equipment. YHC had to use a trailer to haul of it down to the AO. YHC arrived at 4:30 am at the courts to start unloading and setting up.

For some reason a few the PAX have been waiting with anticipation and getting excited to see YHC Q and see what he can bring…..well this is what was brought…

-Warm Up

  • IC – Cotton Pickers x 12
  • IC – Windmill x 12
  • IC – Baby Arm Circles x 15
  • IC – Baby Arm Circles reversed x 15
  • IC – FrankenStein x 15 (here YHC’s cadence count was off and guided to correction by @no-see-um)
  • OYO – Burpees x 5

YHC felt the time was right and the PAX were warmed up

-The “Work”

YHC explained the 15 stations of exercises as they were all marked with side walk chalk….

Tabata style 32 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest…for a total of 35:05…

  1. Merkins (with reverse grip) – hands are reversed as the finger tips point to the toes and are set down next to the stomach. This helps target the biceps more.
  2. Dead Lifts – Barbell was used with 50 lbs of weight for a total of 95 lbs.
  3. Toe Touch – medicine ball as PAX would “touch” the ball with alternating toes and never having both feet on the ground at one point
  4. Inverted Row – “homemade” TRX straps were made and hung from hoop support bracket. While holding the handles, leaning back and feet in front of you on the ground. You pull yourself up as you were doing a seated row.
  5. SSH
  6. Curls – Curling bar was supplied with weights
  7. Freddie Mercury
  8. Bent Over Row – Heavy bag was used
  9. Lateral Raises – dumbbells
  10. Jump Rope
  11. LBC
  12. Hammer Curls – dumbbells
  13. Up Right Rows – barbell with weights were used for this execise
  14. Shoulder shrugs – 2 dial in a weight Bowflex dumbbells were used. PAX could turn the dial to adjust weight from 5 lbs to 52.5 lbs.
  15. Shuttle run – 4 cones were place about 2 car parking lines away from each other. Run to first cone and touch, then back to starting line and touch line, run to second cone and touch, then back to starting line and touch line, run to third cone and touch then back to starting line and touch line, finally run to fourth cone and touch, then run back to starting line.

At this point PAX complete one set and the tabata voice timer stated “rest one set” YHC heard some chatter from @endo ..YHC simply replied with “We don’t go to the gym for one set, do we?”

YHC reward the PAX’s hard work with a quick water break..

Rinse and Repeat for Set 2 and 3.

During the 3rd set YHC noticed we were press for time so “skipped” a few minutes on the timer.

6:14 am …sets were completed…YHC had 1 minute to kill….ran to trailer for battle ropes. Separated the PAX in 2 groups for a quick tough of war with losing side doing 5 burpees chosen by winning side.


@no-see-um shared something that has been on his mind with the Nike situation

Prayers for @haka SIL as she continues to battle the ultimate war, @Halftime for healthy baby, for all the men that need to travel to work this morning as the road can be dangerous. Prayers for the senseless shootings, mom killing their children, Lord knows this world needs help.


I got my popcorn and movie ticket for @vanellope movie premier ….