Down and Dirty

by | Sep 8, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Sponge bob
PAX POSTED: Endo, Vanellope, Flat tire, No See Um, Apnea, No Ski
And the thing went like this

Flag already planted in unfamiliar territory, in the grass to the west side of Clubhouse, went straight into a Mosey down by the lake and back up to where we started.

Q introduced a workout he dubbed, “Weather vane” starting position like a windmill (but instead rotating 90° to both sides stretching out the back) then straight into windmills. IC x12 each

Air presses. IC

Baby arm circles. IC

Divide in to group of 3s. Army crawl together to 4th tree. The eager Pax had to stand up and run behind the last place guys.

Mosey more

Bear crawl squares followed by Balls to the wall at 20 seconds. Repeat

Over unders with concrete blocks, person in the back grabbing both blocks and running to the front.

Plank over and unders by lake, Pax on one end jumps the next and then Dives under the next and jumps again.

In our groups

Block curls then overhead presses. x10 each

Frankensteins then Hillbillies by other group

Swap and Repeat for x2

Next group exercise,

x10 shrug, Ladder pulls x10. Swap

Hail mary x15 and merk x10, one guy at a time


x25 Squats. power lift block. X25 squats

Toe tap block and 2 plankers

Mosey. more bear crawl up ramp and down stairs

Followed by imperial walkers and pik your own workout down the stairs


Time for Mary

Q can’t remeber what all we did here but finished with a

Freddie Mercury… Silent 21

It was a great workout, good to see No-Ski back out here. Lots of mumble chatter about getting NYC and others back out for regular beatdowns…

Extra credit to No-Ski for kicking it in high gear during some of the tough sets and challenging himself, making us all work harder likewise!