Find Joy in the Journey

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Grouper, Endo, Vanellope, Haka, Apnea, Opa, NotoriusNYC

“The stars are brighter tonight for your courage & grace.”


The above quote was one YHC read on Michelle Kaley’s facebook page earlier in the day on Thursday.  It really struck a chord as YHC remembered the morning gloom and just how lively and lit up #TheRanch seemed to be for the men of F3 Lutz.


Before the fun could be had a quick disclaimer was given and YHC also asked for the Pax’s absolute best effort this am in honor of Michelle Kaley who lost her battle with cancer on Wednesday morning.  All the pax here have had Team Michelle on their minds and in their thoughts & prayers for quite some time.  The August “Merkins & Miles for Michelle Challenge” was a huge success and everyone pushed each other to give their all during the month.  The pax always had words of encouragement for our brother Haka, his M and the entire Kaley family during this difficult tim


It was a crystal clear morning indeed  and seemingly no cloud in the sky.  The stars were absolutely out in full force and so that is what the pax decided to give this morning…….absolute full effort!



Mosey to roundabout (All IC):

-Baby Arm Circles x10

-OH Claps x10

-Windmill x10

-Tempo Squats x10  (YHC thought he heard some frogs or barking spiders coming from near or around where Vanellope was standing….hmmmm??)

-Cotton Pickers x10

-Mtn Climbers x10

-Plank Jacks x10


The Thang:

To the dead end and partner up for some Coupon Work:

*Coupon = 35 LBS Cinder Block

5 sets with P1 exercising (AMRAP) while P2 does a suicide…..switcheroo when P2 finishes his suicide.

  1. Curls
  2. OH Presses
  3. Skull Crushers
  4. Goblet Squats
  5. KB Swings

This was a non-stop exercise and believe YHC…… got the heart up and stayed there!!


11’s with same partners:

P1 -Thrusters w/ Coupon x 10

P2 – SSH (non stop until P1 finishes his Thrusters set)

Sprint 40 yards-ish to other end for:

Peter Parkers – 1

*All the way to 10 Peter Parkers/1 Thruster.


Back to the BB Courts for a quick 10 count and hydration time.


Now on to the FOP for Four Corners w/ Escalator:

10 Burpees – Bear Crawl

20 Squats – Side Shuffles

30 Shoulder Taps – backwards Crab Walk

40 American Hammers -Side Shuffles


Now back down Escalator:

40 SSH – Duck Walk

30 Flutter Kicks – Sprint

20 Merkins – Lunges

10 Split Jacks – Forward Crab Walk


The pax finished up the Four Corners in just enough time to head back to the courts for 5 rounds of Rochamburpees!!!  YHC believes this is becoming a crowd favorite and almost like play time with your partner.


-YHC mentioned first and foremost the life of Michelle and her family.  We lifted up Haka & his M and prayed for strength, courage and comfort.


-Prayers for a friend of YHC’s going through some difficult times.


-Prayers for all the people in Hurricane Florence’s path and that they would be protected.


Lastly, at a GORUCK event a few of the pax attended back on June 1, Haka gave us a rubber bracelet to wear to keep Michelle and her Team on our minds.  One side said “Team Michelle” and the other side read “Find Joy in the Journey”.  Those five words are so true men and I pray that each of us will remember them now & forever.


YHC was honored to be able to Q this morning and lead the 8 HIM that posted!