by | Sep 22, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Sponge Bob
PAX POSTED: Vanellope, Aquaman, Flat Tire, Grouper, No Bros 1 and 2 - Ski and See-um

2+ miles covered, lots of sweat and mumble chatter.  Great work all….

And it went like this

Told the PAX to pack up as we weren’t staying at the courts.

Off we went on the Parade…

Split in 2 groups as we began a Mosey, Rockwell jumping right in line just a second late.

This portion of the workout was called the Copy cat.  In 2 side by side single file lines we looked like a float going down LLR Blvd.  All Pax copied yhc.

Beginning with a warm up we did moving side straddle hops followed by what I believe is called Shimmies.

After covering more ground we started with a Squat. Then Lunge. Last a Broad jump.  Repeated twice.

Next we did drive way to drive way High knees followed by x3 Burpees. Repeat…

After a run through some bushes and a soggy field we found the Fun blocks in back of a truck.

Started with back-to-back pass While in air chairs.

Followed by Kettlebell swings From half the PAX While others did a Sprint.

Last was Fireman’s ladder back lifts and merkins

Repeat sets x2

Making our way back to courts we found shade for some 6 work.  Started with Lbcs into Nolan Ryan’s.  Frankensteins and back to mosey.

On our way dow Nature View we stoped randomly for Merkins, Lbcs, Rosey (reverse mosey) and some stuff yhc can’t ‘member

At the courts No See Um had to jet and I had to remind the Pax we had 15 minutes left.

In the Mary we did Big Boy Sit ups, American Hammers, mountain climbers, etc…

No Ski gave us a wo I can’t recall, Rockwell gave us slow Merkins aka umerkins, Aquaman showed us the inchworm and Vanellope finished the guest calls with Burpees (yhc had to modify seriously at this point) and we finished with DBA special Boys To The Sky.  Sorry for other workouts called that I don’t recall.

Great work from all, extra credit found in the lifting of the coupons by many men and the fellowship was on another level.  Prayers for those close to us and even the strangers we pass daily.  Yhc shares some inspiration he found yesterday in that “The act of praying brings down the Heavenlies to earth.”  Aquaman took us out with an uplifting prayer. Great work Gents!