Three Amigos

by | Oct 13, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Apnea
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Endo, Aquaman

Three PAX posted for the beatdown on this relatively cool morning. Quick disclaimer was given and we were off. Mosey around the dog park and back to the basketball court for a quick warm-up. All exercises were done IC:

SSH X 10

Baby Arm Circles Forward X 10

Baby Arm Circles Reverse X 10

Merkins X 10

Mountain Climbers X 12

Windmills X 10

Frankensteins X 10

Mosey to the Field of Pain where YHC had two rows of 12 cones each (with one tennis ball on each cone) at mid field. Today’s beatdown was intended as a two-team contest but was modified for one team. For two teams, each team would line up on opposite sides of the field (picnic table side and pool side).

This gave YHC an opportunity to test out this new beatdown and possibly modify it before his next Q. Starting at the edge of the field, one PAX on the team had to run to midfield and pick up one ball from the row of cones closest to the starting side and run back while the other PAX held plank.

Once running PAX returned, all PAX on team had to perform the exercise and number of reps written on the ball. PAX running to midfield had to choose which cone to run to before starting. Once the exercise was completed (and not before), the next PAX on team ran while other PAX held plank. This was repeated until all cones were complete, Previous exercise had to be completed by all PAX before next PAX ran to the next cone. The exercises performed on the side we were on (pool side) were as follows (but not in this order):


  1. 10 Dive Bomber Merkins
  2. 20 Flutter Kicks (per leg)
  3. 50 LBC’s
  4. 1 Mucho Chesto
  5. 20 Merkins
  6. 10 Pullups (on playground)
  7. 25 Dips (on short wall by pool fence)
  8. Wall sits with 30 air presses (by picnic tables)
  9. Balls to the Wall for 45 seconds (by picnic tables)
  10. 10 Bobby Hurleys
  11. 20 Dying Cockroaches
  12. Lap around the Long Lake

Thanks to Endo and Aquaman for some recommendations/modifications during the beat down.

When running back across the field after doing pull-ups, balls to the wall, and wall sits (since we started on the pool side), we ran all the back to the starting point and then had the next PAX run for the next cone instead of getting it on the way back.

Completed our twelve exercises with 25 minutes left so we decided to clean up the other side’s exercises. Thanks to Endo for hanging out for a few more exercises into the second round. The second set of exercises were:

  1. 10 Bobby Hurleys
  2. 20 Merkins
  3. 20 Freddie Mercuries
  4. 10 Dive Bomber Merkins
  5. 1 Mucho Chesto
  6. 25 dips (on short wall by pool fence)
  7. 20 Split Jacks
  8. 50 LBCs
  9. 20 Flutter Kicks (per leg)
  10. 10 Pull Ups (on playground)
  11. Balls to the Wall for 45 seconds (by picnic tables)
  12. Lap around the Long Lake

Knowing we’d be short on time to complete the second set, YHC called an audible to skip the second lap around the Long Lake if it was picked.

Only 8 minutes were left once the second eleven exercises were completed, so Aquaman and YHC ran back to the courts for a quick water break and then back to the field of pain to collect all the cones from midfield to get in a little more running until time ran out.

Great effort by all PAX

Short COT

Prayers for all PAX not in attendance and those going through tough times

Prayers for all those affected by Hurricane Matthew

Thanks again to Endo for organizing the donations to those affected by Hurricane Matthew and everyone who donated.