Board of Pain

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Haka, Grouper, Endo, Vanellope, Apnea, No-Ski

YHC keeps waiting on the Fall weather here in sunny Florida but looks like Fall and Winter may be skipped this year and go straight to Spring.  One positive of the heat and humidity…….it sure doesn’t take much time to get warmed up and that was great this morning as The Board of Pain was eagerly waiting for the pax.


7 #HIM were in attendance and ready to rock-n-roll!  YHC’s Bose speaker was cranking, disclaimer was given and we were off.


Warm Up:

After a quick mosey around tennis courts and back to courts:

SSH x8

Imp Walker x8

Cotton Pickers x8

Windmills x8

Mountain Climbers x9 (YHC forgot the count)

Baby Arm Circles x8


YHC was thinking of being all creative for his Q this am but seeing as how YHC signed up for the Q the afternoon before because no one had grabbed it……..the men get the board of pain presented to them.  A fairly simple and easy way to throw together a workout at the last minute and although it lacks some mumble chatter/team work and overall creativity.  It certainly makes up for it in a heart beating, non-stop, sweat-fest to say the least.


All put in great work today and here’s what went down.


Board of Pain:


25 Burpees / Run around dog park

50 Monkey Squats / Run

75 LBC’s / Run

100 Shoulder Taps / Run

125 SSH / Bear Crawl on sidewalk around court 2

150 Flutter Kicks / Bear Crawl on sidewalk around court 2

125 Air Presses / Run

100 Salute Planks / Run

75 Squats / Run

50 American Hammers / Run

25 Merkins / Run


Bonus if finished before group à 10 Burpees and another lap!!


Haka & YHC were lucky enough to get in our 10 Burpees and additional lap………the rest of the pax finished with time to spare so YHC had all plank up for six and then we had time for 4 MOM.



Dying Cockroaches

Freddy Mercury’s

Box Cutters

Sweat Angels


COT:  YHC asked the pax to all share something going on in their lives whether it was a praise, a prayer needed, or just something on their minds.  After all, that is what the Circle of Trust is all about!

-YHC mentioned to the group a recent doctor visit and some heart abnormalities.  Prayers for a positive cardiologist visit coming soon.


-Also, continued prayers for YHC’s dad as his back surgery is up-coming (Nov. 5).


-No-Ski said he enjoys the banter from the group regarding his No-Show-Ski’s of beatdowns.  It is motivation for him and he vows to getting back to “A Regular” status!


-Grouper, Endo and Vanellope all thankful for F3 and to be surrounded by #HIM who share the same goals in life.  And how much easier it is to settle in to a new place when like minded men can get together and have Fitness, Fellowship and Faith!


-Prayers for Apnea’s M and all they are going through.  We know the lord is looking over the situation and prayers for strength and courage during this difficult time.


-Prayers for Haka and M as well for all that is going on in their lives.  And prayers for Haka’s job and that it would improve or something else would present itself.



Upcoming Events:

*2nd F – Friday night at LLR FOP – check Slack page as food trucks and the movie Solo will be playing.  Bring the M and 2.0’s and enjoy a great night!


*Haka on Q for Saturday so lets get a good number out as we know it will be a great one!


 *Training continues for the CSAUP 50 Mile Star Course in Jacksonville for some of the pax…….this should probably be in the prayers section as we will need them.


*Possible 2.0 workout on Saturday, November 3 so listen up for details.  Also, possible 2nd F that weekend as well……..maybe some cornhole and grill out???  Let’s get some feedback on Slack!