donuts & bacon

by | Oct 20, 2018 | Back Blasts


What a beautiful morning for a beatdown with some good men. 10 PAX strong today with 1 FNG, welcome Airbag. And welcome back @redcard and @flattire. You’ve been gone waaaaay too long. Flag was planted and Men went straight to work.







Crabhumpers  (keep your eyes on your own crabs)

Runners Lunge, while in Lunge men were to recite the 5 core principles of F3.

Mosey to the deadend of pain, mumble chatter of donuts was heard. @aquaman said his favorite is the glazed chocolate cake with rainbow sprinkles.

50m – sprint @ 25% effort, back 50%, back 75%, slowsey back to start

YHC heard some mumble chatter about sprints coming up. YUP!

The thang:

3 burpees AFAP (As Fast As Possible) the sprint 50m – EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute) x 6

Next up. 4 cones approx 25m apart. Suicides with a twist.

at cone 1 – 10 Split Jacks, run to 2nd cone, 20 Jump Squats, back to start, 10 Split Jacks, run to 3rd cone, 30 Box Cutters, run back to start, 10 split jacks, run to 4th cone, 40 sit throughs, run back to start. Done.

Indian Run – we ran from the deadend to @Nitrous’ house. We haven’t seen him in a while so hopefully he heard the calling.

Partner Up. Pax 1 perform exercise while PAX 2 mosey to street sign and back. PAX complete the following reps and exercises.

100 Werkins, 150 American Hammers, 200 Squats, 250 Peter Parkers

We finished this just in time for a mosey back to the courts. And the smell of Bacon was lingering by some neighbor who was making breakfast. It was complete torture for all. Men were practically drooling. We managed self control and made it back to the courts.


Great Job by all men today. Everyone pushed themselves hard. Men earned those donuts and bacon today!



Prayers for a great group of men pushing each other to become better people