Turtles, a Monkey, a Unicorn….Oh My!

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Haka, Grouper, Endo, Vanellope, Apnea, No-Ski, Sponge Bob, Rockwell

YHC took the Q for this pre-Halloween beatdown over a month ago and was so looking forward to a good turnout.  Well, there was a great turnout and on top of that almost full participation in dressing up like a bunch of yahoos that we all are!!


There were super heroes such as Ninja Turtles (Endo & Vanellope), Batman (Grouper) and Deadpool (Apnea), a random monkey (No-See-Um), a gladiator (No-Ski), a pirate (Rockwell), a Sponge Bob and one ugly unicorn (Haka) that YHC confused with a baby lamb……hence the “BAAAAAAA” sounds YHC kept making.  Sorry unicorn!


Quick Disclaimer was given and off we went.



Mosey around dog park and then back to courts after a quick wave to multiple passers by who surely enjoyed our outfits.



Squats x12

Frankenstein’s x12

Merkins x10

Mountain Climbers x 12


Mid-way through the warm-up, YHC started hyper-ventilating from breathing so heavy inside his monkey mask so off it came!!  A penalty would await him at the end……….


Next, on the end line for Spider-Man Crawls down and back.

Circle up again (tightly) for two rounds of Howling Monkeys…….get it!?


Gut Busters – While the Ghostbuster song was playing we did (Burpees on “Ghostbusters” and Plank Jacks on “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts…”).  None of us realized how creepy the guy singing that song really sounded until this morning……..it fit right into our theme for today.



YHC tried to do his best devilish attempt for a scary, nightmare-ish theme.  This one I called 6-6-6 and yes, it is a bit of a stretch…..:)

SIX core stations (3 others were jog and then hold 6”)

SIXty seconds each

SIX inches (involved)


2 total rounds with long 10 count in between.


Stations (in no particular order):

     Ropes: 1-2, Burpee, 1-2-3-4, Burpee, 1-2-3-4-5-6, Burpee, 1-2-3-4, Burpee, 1-2, Burpee and so on

     Blocks: 6 Jack O Lantern Squats, 1 Burpee (continue to repeat)

     Jog in front of mailboxes and back then hold SIX Inches

     Blocks: 6 Kettle Bell swings, 1 Burpee (Repeat)

     6 Burpees / 6 Flutters (Repeat)

     Jog in front of mailboxes and back then hold SIX Inches

     Blocks: 6 Curls / 6 OH Lunges

     Jog in front of mailboxes and back then hold SIX Inches

     Blocks: 6 OH Presses / 6 OH Squats


5 minutes left at the end of the two rounds so YHC had all pax get on the 3-point line.

1st round:  Everyone plank while each pax took turns on the battle rope for 10 seconds a man.

*Every pax really getting after it here as we were doing alternating arms.

2nd round:  Everyone hold SIX inches with each pax on the battle rope doing same arm (up/down).  A challenge/prize was thrown out to whoever could bring down the BBall goal……..many seemed to be close to doing just that!!!


Lastly came the penalty for not staying/being in costume so YHC and Sponge Bob performed 5 burpees in front of the group who all promptly joined in on the fun like a true team does!  There were requests made for more Howling Monkeys so we had just enough time to get in one quick round before time was called.



-Prayers for a safe Halloween tomorrow night for all the 2.0’s and crazy dads like us who plan on dressing up.


-Safe travels for those that will be DR some this week.



*Blessed and honored to be a part of this F3 Lutz group.  Lots of mumble chatter today and great to see everyone working hard as well as having a little fun doing it.


*Prizes given today were to the Ninja Turtle Twins (Endo & Vanellope) for winning Best Costumes (both received honorary Desperados shirts from YHC) and a giant Kit Kat bar to Rockwell for putting up with our crap/hard time.  Give the guy a “break” will ya!  Just kidding and love ya Rockwell and looking forward to Thursday’s Q!


*Great to see Sponge Bob back out today and got a shout out for NotoriousNYC for letting us use the battle ropes.  We hope your knee is feeling better and get back out soon.


*Too bad we didn’t have an Aquaman sighting today or else he could have rounded out our superhero list!


Lastly, Saturday is 2.0 workout so bring your kiddos and bring your neighbors as it will be a fun time.  Plan on coffeeterria at the pavilion afterwards as there will be coffee, refreshments, breakfast, etc.  And maybe a little cornhole action!!!???