Sanka, Ya Dead Man??

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Haka, Grouper, Endo, Vanellope, Apnea, No-Ski, Sanka (FNG, Murphy (FNG)

No Man, Sanka (FNG) is NOT Dead! And neither is Murphy, our second FNG from this morning……….even though they may have thought we were trying to put them six feet under.


9 HIM posted in the gloom looking to better themselves on a beautiful morning here at #TheRanch.  YHC was looking forward to an FNG joining us and was not disappointed.  In fact, a second FNG showed as the pax were warming up at the roundabout.


A fun filled week was just getting started here at F3 Lutz and YHC was honored to be on Q.  YHC heard a great message last week on the weekly Mustard Seed call shared by Iverson from F3 Grand Rapids and borrowed/stole the message for a quick devotional at the start of the beatdown.


The Pax planked while reading the message about building new gauges in each of our lives and not conforming to this world’s culture of superficial measurements that we constantly see.  Instead YHC challenged the pax to sit down with your M or girlfriend more often to pray or have meaningful conversations, talk to your 2.0’s about their dreams/fears and sometimes just drop what you are doing to spend time with a friend in need.




Mosey to roundabout for the following in IC:

IMP Walkers x16

SSH x16

Merkins x16

Plank Jacks x16

Arm Circles x10


*This is about the time our second FNG starting slowly pulling past the roundabout wondering where to park so he could get in on the action.  Gotta love it when a man shows up to a new place, a few minutes late but still jumps right in and gets to work.


Ring Around The Rosy (grab a line)

High Knees/5 Monkey Humpers at each line

Bear Crawl/1 Burpee at each line…….for two rounds!!


Catch Me If You Can

-Alternate 10 Lunges/10 Mountain Climbers and when each pax has done 2 rounds of each jog back to start and plank. Back pedaling on wide straightway!


*Every man giving there all on the laps and Murphy (FNG) not giving in as he pushed himself the entire time.



Squats/Star Jacks with 3 Burpees in middle!


*The pax looking strong here as everyone was chasing Haka… usual.  Sanka (FNG) finishing up especially strong with his last set of burpees and racing to the finish.


5 MOM:


-Dying Cockroaches





-Welcome FNG’s Sanka (are ya dead man!?) and Murphy!!!  The pax were a little off their ‘naming game’ today but great to have you two out and looking forward to seeing you Thursday and beyond.



-Prayers for No-Ski and his brother Frisbee.  Truly a praise that they have re-connected but prayers need to get         Frisbee back out to F3 and to get his life back on track.


-Praise that No-Ski’s foot/ankle has healed enough that he made it out this am!


-Prayers for the fartsackers and those with things on their mind they didn’t want to share.




Thanksgiving beatdown this Thursday from 7:00-8:00 am presented to you by Endo.  He’s going to have a special one planned so don’t miss out…………and bring a friend so we can have an awesome turnout.


-Ideas thrown around for 3rd F Holiday activities….stay tuned to Slack for more details.


-F3 Lutz t-shirt order is over by END of DAY tomorrow (11/21) so get your orders in.  Need TWO more orders to get to the 12 minimum!!!


-Possible 2nd F on the horizon so also stayed tuned to Slack………maybe Paintball time finally!!??