25 Days of Christmas Beatdown

by | Dec 8, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: Apnea
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Murphy, No-Ski, Vanellope, Haka, Sanka, Rockwell, Grouper, No-See-Um, DBA

Ten PAX posted for a Christmas inspired beatdown on a sunny cool morning. Quick disclaimer was given and we were off. Mosey around the dog park and tennis court and back to the court for a quick warmup. All exercises were done IC:

Baby Arm Circles Forward X 10

Baby Arm Circles Reverse X 10

Frankensteins X 10

Cotton Pickers X 10

Cotton pickers was called but YHC started doing windmills on the first rep. Quick reset.

New warmup exercise was called and 10 reps were performed of the following sequence:

Inchworm to plank, perform one merkin, two shoulder taps (one per arm), reverse inch worm to standing position finishing up with one squat. Repeat.


25 Days of Christmas Beatdown

Each exercise was a different day of Christmas starting at 1.

Starting at the court:

1 Minute of Planks

2 Minutes of Elbow Plank, Left Arm Plank, Right Arm Plank, and Standard Plank

Mosey to the mailboxes

3 Sets of 10 Merkins

4 Sets of 10 Dips

Alternated between these two sets of exercises starting with merkins

Mosey to the main roundabout, quick lap around it, and onto the playground path.

3 Sets of 5 Split Jacks (per leg)

2 Sets of 6 Pendulum Lunges (per leg) – Keeping one leg stationary, step forward with the other and then backwards for one rep. 6 reps and then repeat for other leg

2 Sets of 7 Pull-ups on the playground

Back to the path for 2 Sets of 8 Jump Squats

Mosey to the Picnic Tables

1 Set of 9 V-up Roll Up Sit-Ups

All PAX grabbed a spot on the wall for 10 Seconds of Wall Sits per PAX (Total of 100 seconds)

Back on the wall for Balls to the Wall at 11 Seconds per PAX (Total of 110 seconds)

Mosey back to the Court

12 Rounds of Rochamburpees

All PAX pair up for 12 rounds of Rochambeau while in plank. Loser of first round performs one burpee while winner performs one merkin. Each following round adds one more merkin and one more burpee. If PAX tie, then both perform merkins.

Haka and Vanellope showed off their synchronized burpee skills.

13 Sumo Squats

Quick mosey to Apnea’s car for some presents (drive way pavers) and then back to the court to use the gifts

Two sets of 14 Plank rows with the pavers

While in plank, perform row with one hand. Rinse and repeat for the other arm.

1 Set of 15 Mountain Climbers

1 Set of 16 Chest Presses with leg lifts (one brick in each hand)

While on their six, PAX held up a paver in each hand, performed a leg lift, then performed a chest press with the pavers. Repeat sequence.

1 Set of 17 Paver Squats (similar to goblin squat but with a paver instead of a kettle bell). Pax held one paver at chest level and then performed a squat.

1 Set of 18 High Knees (total)

1 Set of 19 Patty Cake Merkins. All PAX paired up. While in plank facing each other, PAX clapped right hands, left hands, and then performed a merkin. Repeat.

1 Set of 20 Merkins

1 Set of 21 In & Out Sit ups

1 Set of 22 J-Lo Planks (11 each side).

1 Set of 23 American Hammers (per side)

1 Set of 24 Air Presses while holding squat. Some PAX wanted an extra challenge so air presses were performed with the pavers.

On the final day, we were gifted with 25 burpees. Some PAX performed the burpees with the pavers.

To finish off the last 8 minutes, YHC had each PAX call out an ab exercise at 25 reps each

Murphy – LBC

No-ski – Box Cutters

Vanellope – Dying Cockroaches

Haka – X Cross Sit Up

Sanka – Leg Lifts

Rockwell – Big Boy Sit Ups (Some PAX decided to use one or two pavers)

Great effort by all PAX in completing all exercises and pushing themselves and each other.



Prayers for No-ski and his family as they go through this tough time.

Prayers for Endo and his family as they go through this tough time.

Welcome back Rockwell and prayers for his continued recovery.

Prayers for all those not in attendance and those that may be going through tough times.