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QIC: No-See-Um, No-Ski, Apnea, Murphy, Flat Tire, Dry Wall, Morphine
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, No-Ski, Apnea, Murphy, Flat Tire, Dry Wall, Morphine

7 pax posted for a Christmas Eve beatdown at #TheRanch.  Many pax DR or with families (or just fart sacking) here at the start of the holidays.  And many also probably still feeling it after Saturday’s beatdown followed by the first annual F3 Lutz Ugly Sweater Party which was a blast!


No-Ski and our friend Morphine from F3 Atlanta were stuck in some traffic so arrived just a few minutes late but jumped right in the action.  No real theme for today’s workout and no Q so it was Q by committee and everyone pitched in on the action for a great overall sweat-fest.


The Thang:


Mosey to the back roundabout for a warm up by committee


No-see-um: SSH X 15 (IC), Windmills x 15 (IC)


Flat Tire: Baby Arm Circles X 20 (IC), Squats X 20 (IC)


Murphy: High knees X 20 (IC), LBC X 20 (IC)


No-Ski: Burpees X 10 (IC)


Morphine: Lunges X 10 (IC)


Drywall: Merkins X 10 (IC)


Apnea: Inch Worm/Merkin/Reverse Inch Worm/Squat combo X 10 OYO


Mosey back to the courts


Morphine down from F3 Atlanta stepped up here after No-See-Um reminded everyone this was group Q so jump in if you have something to offer.  Man Makers X 10 IC (8 count exercise)…..this was a new one for the pax of F3 Lutz and a good one!


Apnea jumped into the action and had the pax do Mountain Climbers X 15 (IC)


Flat Tire had a little trouble remembering what he wanted to do but No-See-Um helped when he half way demonstrated the exercise.  Split jacks X 10 OYO!


Mosey past field of pain to the dock on the lake where No-Ski told everyone to “grab a bench”!!!

(All OYO)

Step ups X 10 per leg

Dips X 20

Derkins X 20

Irkins X 20


Drywall, on his second posting, quickly stepped in here and had the pax do some sprints/back pedals and bunny hops down the stairs by the big pool.  Three rounds of this and the pax were all sucking wind pretty good!

No-See-Um now ordered the men to get single file for a little Catch Me If You Can/Indian Run with SIX doing  20 flutter kicks then sprinting to the front.  Performed this to the second gate exit and then plank for the six.

-Shoulder Taps x 10 (IC)

-Diamond Merkins x 10 (IC)


No-Ski then though he would give the pax a break from the mosey and we did a set of 21’s.  Only two pax were slightly off at the end so only a 5 Burpee penalty.

Apnea then had the pax mosey to the bridge for some intended ab work. Got halfway and then plank for the six. Great job by Murphy at this point as he went into straight sprint mode to beat Apnea, No-Ski and No-See-Um to the bridge.

No-Ski had the pax Bear crawl halfway across the bridge and then Flat Tire called out 10 walking lunges.


Then Morphine decided we needed a few more Burpees because of all that we’d be ingesting coming up the next few days so it was time for 10 Broad Jump Burpees.


Slosey the rest of the way over the bridge.


Morphine next said it was Plank time: high plank, low plank but not on elbows, low, left arm up, right arm up, recover!


Apnea requested the last four minutes of the beatdown for something new.


The pax continued to mosey until Drywall said the pax should do some sprints (up to next clump of trees and back) with some back pedals to let the six catch up.  Repeated twice.


Now back at the courts and Apnea whipped out his phone with a sly little grin on his face.


While listening to Flower by Moby which is 3 minutes 25 seconds long but felt longer, all PAX held high plank on “Green sally up” and went to low plank but not on elbows (held the bottom end of a merkin) on “Green sally down”. Halfway through switched to elbow plank on down movement. Lost count of how many merkins were performed during this.



-Prayers for Apnea’s travel plans right after Christmas to see wife’s sister in Denver.


-Prayers for all pax and families during Christmas week.


-Dry Wall glad to be back out and said the pax motivates him and last Tuesday’s workout really put it to him…..but he was looking forward to getting back out.


-Apnea and Murphy both gave the pax their challenges which was a continuation from Saturdays workout.



*Great work by all pax today and hope everyone is on the Nice List so Santa will come to visit.


Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays!!!