The Starkey Ranch Recon Mission

by | Dec 24, 2018 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Haka, Grouper, Endo, Vanellope, Apnea, No-Ski, Sanka, Murphy, Flat Tire, DBA

In advance of our Ugly Sweater Party later in the evening, the men of F3 Lutz decided to do a recon mission at Starkey Ranch for the mornings beatdown to try and recruit more men from the area.  SR has multiple soccer fields, a few nice hills, ponds with trails around them and much more.


The day started with 7 pax out for a pre-ruck at 6:15 and we picked up one FNG that was out rucking himself getting ready for Mt. Kilimanjaro.  YHC and the rest of rucking pax put the EH hard on him and he even stayed for half the beatdown.  11 (1/2) pax total made the SR recon mission and here is how it all got started.


Last Saturday’s beatdown saw Sanka motivate all of us and he really inspired YHC to make the Q’s more inspirational, with more of a meaningful message.  So today’s beatdown was all about The Challenge!


Everyone needs to challenge themselves to be better men, to improve on different aspects in their lives.  5 Challenges were put in front of the pax throughout today’s workout.  The first (Challenge #1) being I’d like each man here today to step up and state how they will challenge themselves physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, whatever………oh yea, Challenge #2 is that the coupons (all 5 of them) will travel with us EVERYWHERE we go today 😉……unless Q gives you reprieve.


Mosey to Big, Round Green space by playground.


Warm-up (All IC)

-Hillbillies      -Squats          -Merkins       -Mahktar N’ Diayes (Mac-Tar-Jies)

-Burpees (5 Half Tony Hawk Burpees and then 5 Tony Hawk Burpees) (these burpees were Challenge #3  since these were new to the pax and pretty early to be spinning around multiple times in the air)

– Failure to Launch (hold Al Gore and Q counts down from 10 to 1 and then blast off)


Challenge #4 – 21’s (w/ penalties for mistakes).  This is always a fun one as it truly challenges the pax to be strong mentally and physically.  Round 1 ended with two pax being off so 10 Merkins was the penalty.  Round 2 ended with only one slight mistake so 5 Burpees.  Third time was the charm!


Mosey back to field for Challenge #5:

-Wheelbarrow Walk/Indian Run/Catch Me If You Can (5 Squats/10 Lunges).  The soccer fields was pretty sloshy to say the least after Lutz/Odessa just got like 36 straight hours of rain so this was really fun and challenging to the pax.  Some had trouble staying in line while others struggled with the wheelbarrow walk part……YHC will have to try this one again in the future and change up the exercises….Muhahaahahaha!!!


*At this point our FNG has to split to get to his 5 kids so Grouper passed on a few business cards and we hope to see him at LLR soon.


Now it was time to venture off the reservation a little bit and YHC had plans to drop all but two of the coupons…….however, one pax wanted to continue the theme of the morning and challenge himself and all the other pax.  No-Ski immediately grabbed one of the heaviest sand bags and said “I got this one!”……….which prompted YHC to simply say “Okay, they will all go with us then!!”.


Mosey to Lake/side Hill for Clock Merkins.  The pax stopped twice on the way to rotate the coupons.


Mosey towards big roundabout where YHC found some nice, cushiony grass for a set of Seal Team Sit-ups (x20) and then a set of Bruce Lees.


Time was getting away from us now so YHC called an audible and skipped the BIG roundabout workout plan and headed straight back to the hill near the playground.  The pax were greeted here by a SR gentlemen making sure we were not on the soccer fields this early because of the condition they were in from all the rain.  The pax all winked and promptly denied any wrong doing.


After a quick plank to wait on the six time for the Hill and a round of 7’s (Bear Crawl up and Crawl Bear back down)……Monkey Humpers (at top) & Burpees (at bottom).  Lots of moans and groans on this one and YHC knew he had achieved success as the pax were caput at this point.


The pax all planked at the top of the hill as a few men shared how they would challenge themselves moving forward.  We then moseyed back to the flag and time was up.  More men shared what was on their minds here as the challenge theme continued to resonate with all the pax.



-Prayers for all pax and families at this time of the year.  To truly remember the reason for the season.


-Prayers for Apnea’s sister-in-law.


-Prayers for a great Ugly Sweater Party tonight and lots of U-G-L-Y-N-E-S-S!!!



-The pax all grinded this beatdown out with 5 coupons weighing anywhere from 20 LBS up to 60+ LBS.  Amazing to see the teamwork and push from each pax to another.


-Clock Merkins may have been the crowd favorite and will definitely leave its mark for a few days to follow 😊


-YHC was hoping for more participation from Starkey Ranch folks and really didn’t even see many out preparing for their “Jingle Jog”.  However, we did get one FNG to join for our ruck and ½ the beatdown so that is a WIN!


-Coffeeteria after was a great turnout as well with 2.0’s as well!



*YHC honored to lead this amazing group of #HIM and looking forward to our party and to our 2 year anniversary on the 31st!!!