A,B,C,D,E…Now we know our ABC’s

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Vanellope
PAX POSTED: Apnea, DBA, Endo, Haka, Flat Tire, No-Ski, No-See-Um, Vanellope, Viking

Nice cool brisk morning at the Ranch. 9 Pax in attendance for beatdown. YHC was excited to bring pain for all in attendance. Flag planted and disclaimer given. Visitor Viking in attendance, nice to have as a regular when he’s in town for work.


Warm Up:

Mosey to Sunlake Round a bout

  • IC- SSH X10
  • IC- Windmill X10
  • IC- Air Presses X10
  • IC- Peter Parkers X10
  • IC- Mountain Climbers X10
  • IC- Single Leg Dead Lifts


-UP/Downs (went for a few extra rounds than YHC had planned after seeing the smooth flow of UP/Downs with all the PAX)

-Clock Merkins- 10 Reps @ 12,3,6,9   X2      (Alternating in Between)    -LBC’s X50      X2

-Jump Squat Holds (Seemed to be a fan favorite, No-see-um is going to have nightmares about this one)


Indian Run to Sun Lake (heard a little chatter from No-ski about how heavy his legs were feeling with a mosey following the Jump Squat Holds)


  • 1st Round- Wide Merkins/Diamond Merkins
  • 2nd Round- LBC’s/Big Boys Situps
  • 3rd Round- Squats/Lunges (Had to change to 6’s for time sake)


Indian Run Back to BB Courts (Great pace today guys, really pushed it all the way)



  • Burpees X10
  • Alphabet (Holding 6inches all Pax spelled out all the letters of the alphabet, a lot of moaning heard on this exercise. YHC started in Spanish but had to finish in English…Spanglish)
  • LBFC (Little Baby Flutter Crunches)


  • Look after Haka and M
  • Apnea and M
  • Flat Tire’s M
  • And all other Pax who need prayers


  • Make sure to follow Slack, a lot of events and information being posted