One More Rep

by | Jan 26, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Apnea
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Belding, DBA, Grouper, No-Ski, Endo, Apnea, Bald Eagle, Gold Digger (FNG)

It’s been awhile since we’ve been tested for Physical Fitness even though we are tested at every beatdown. The last time was only the second beatdown YHC attended so here’s hoping for improvement.

We welcomed one out of towner from Michigan, Bald Eagle and one FNG on this brisk morning. Disclaimer was given and we were off.


Mosey to main roundabout:

All IC

SSH X 15

Frankensteins X 15

Squats X 10

Merkins X 10


Mosey to roundabout by dead end:

All IC

Windmills X 10

Baby Arm Circles Forward X 10

Baby Arm Circles Reverse X 10

Grab a line for some Rosey:

5 squats, lunge to next line, repeat all the way around.

YHC had to make sure all PAX we were loose for the test.


Mosey to the BB courts for The Thang or in this case the physical fitness test.

First test was the Merkin:

Everyone paired up to do merkins for AMRAP in two minutes. One PAX performed merkins while the partner counted. If a break was needed within the two minutes, PAX could sag in the middle or flex the back (only downward). When flexing, knees could have been bent but not to the point of using them to support body weight. Repeat for second PAX.

Great job by all. Grouper was the official leader of the first test at 87.

Slosey through the Field of Pain and over to the lake path for the start of the second test: Mile Run

The start and end of the mile run around the lake was marked with cones and YHC relied on those who had their own watches to assist in the time checks. It was a good thing other PAX were able to support the time checks because YHC’s phone decided to stop working in the middle of the run. Starting at the picnic tables behind the pool we ran north and continued around the lake ending on the path behind the sales office parking lot on nature view.

The cold air had all the PAX a little gassed by the end. Great job again by all PAX.

The official leader was Grouper at 6:25 just ahead of No-See-Um at 6:30. Great job by Belding for pushing through.

Slosey back towards the Field of Pain and over to the playground. With everyone still a little winded and legs tired, it was good time for a new test: Pull-ups and Chin Ups.

Performed in two groups due to limited space on bars

First group up performed pullups (hands forward about should length apart) for AMRAP. Modified pull up/reverse row using the lower bars with legs out and palms forward. Repeat for second group.

First group back up for chin ups (hands reversed about should length apart) for AMRAP. Modification was also available on the lower bars. Repeat for second group.

Official leader for pull-ups and chin-ups was Gold Digger (FNG) with 13 and YHC with 8, respectively.

Slosey to the Field of Pain path for the next test: Squats

All PAX paired up with the first performing squats for AMRAP in two minutes. Repeat for the second PAX. The official leader was DBA with 130.

Stayed in place for the Final test: The Big Boy Sit-up

PAX partnered up again. PAX held the ankles of their partner and also counted. PAX performing the sit-up had to keep their knees bent and hands interlocked behind their head. Performed AMRAP for 2 minutes and then switched. With an odd number of PAX, YHC went third with all other PAX watching on. No pressure. Official leader was No-See-Um with 66.

Mosey back to the courts just in time to close at 830. Great work and effort by all PAX this morning. It was great to see everyone encouraging and pushing each other for that one last rep or push.


Thanks for allowing this group of men to come together for today’s beatdown and prayers for all those that could not make it.

It was great having Bald Eagle from out of town and introducing FL local FNG, Gold Digger.

Prayers for Haka and his M

Prayers for Murphy and his M

Results to be posted to Slack