40 Ain’t Stopping YHC!

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Haka, Grouper, Apnea, Flat Tire, DBA, No-Ski


Quite the gloomy gloom this am as there was a bit of fog and quietness in the air as YHC arrived to #TheRanch.  However, there was a familiar face already there at the BB courts doing his normal early morning stretching…Haka!!!


Before long the rest of the crew slowly strolled in and 7 pax were on hand for a 40th themed beatdown although not all knew it was YHC’s bday.  That’s right add another one to the 40 club here in @F3Lutz.  But that is alright because just like fine wine, we all get better with age.


After a quick disclaimer and a few pleasantries, the pax got right to work.



After a quick mosey to the East Roundabout the pax circled up for:

Imperial Walkers x 10

Merkins x 10

Crab Cakes x 10

Frankenstein’s x 10


Indian Run/Shake & Bake (F3 Tally) to West Roundabout…


21s for the group and only 2 rounds needed as the pax nailed the second go round with perfect form and crispness!!  5 burpees were done after the first round screw up.


Run & Gun (thanks No-Ski) now to Sunlake and beyond.  YHC had the pax halt on big sidewalk on Sunlake for a set of FORTY made up by yours truly.


Flutters x 20

Outlaw – flutter position make 10 big O’s to right and 10 to left

Rosalita x 20

T-Bombs – hands/feet and butt off ground x 10

Yurpee (clap Merkin at bottom and two tuck jumps x 10


Run & Gun back to BB Courts/FOP for quick sip and then on to the pavilion for some wall work…..with little to no rest in between sets!


Wall Work:

40 sec Balls To The Wall

40 sec Wall Sits

40 sec Donkey Kicks

40 sec Wall Taps


Rinse & Repeat


YHC’s glad there were no witnesses here b/c surely them were some sad Donkey Kicks and doubt there was much air on the Wall Taps………but a good burn for sure!!


Now on to the middle of the Field of Pain.


Modified Bear Crawl Ring of Fire:

-Bear Crawl in circle while one pax does one lap around circle….All Pax plank and do 10 Merkins.  Bear Crawl again while one pax does lap then all do 40 second plank.  B.C. again then 40 Shoulder Taps.  Two full rounds of that and then the very last round was all three at the same time….Merkins, 40 sec. plank, Shoulder Taps.


*This one had the pax groaning and guessing extra tough for those who posted on Saturday with the Bear Crawl-heavy VQ by Belding.


With only 7 pax on hand, it was a little un-even but Seal Team Sit-ups were next on the agenda and the men killed the first 25!!!  But 40 was the number so after some rearranging by Apnea and new leg locking configurations the pax knocked out another 15…….some men like No-Ski and Haka wanted to continue but time to move on and head to the BB courts.


The morning finished with three full minutes of Lt Dans (1 Squat:4 Lunges ratio) AMRAP.


*All pax crushed it today and truly gave their all.  There were dragon slayers (Flat Tire) and fart monsters (Grouper) …………and just an all around solid effort by all.



*Prayers for Apnea’s sister in law as still going through therapy for cancer.  She has lost all her hair but they were prepared for that and the family is all dealing with it.  May the Lord continue to bless the family and comfort them through this struggle.


*Prayers for Haka and his M as they continue to look towards welcoming baby boy #2.  The pax are anxiously waiting to hear if the middle name may start with an “H”??


*Prayers for those men with things on their minds and struggles they may be going through and not wanting to share.  YHC also wants prayers for those men not with us for whatever reason.  YHC hopes and prays for them to come back out and remember what F3 can do in their lives.



A big thanks to all the men of F3 Lutz for their continued motivation, fellowship and faith in each other.  As No-Ski mentioned in the COT, we have to lock shields with each other and fend off the evils/temptations of the world.  We must lean on each other and push one another to be a better leader for our families and community than we were yesterday.


YHC shared that my challenge for my 40’s is to be in better shape, a better husband, father and leader than I was in my 30’s.  YHC knows it cannot be done alone though as my Sky Q will be there with me as well as my brothers of F3!