No Monkeying Around this AM

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Haka, Grouper, Apnea, No-Ski, Vanellope, No-See-Um

YHC hasn’t had the Q it what seemed like a month so wanted to do something a lil different.  So that meant setting the alarm about 15-20 minutes earlier so that YHC could load up some coupons and go ‘off the reservation’ to park his vehicle in a new, secret hidden gem of a spot…..thanks Grouper!


That’s right, YHC snaked the first mini-workout at a nice little AO just a quick mile south of us at the front of a new neighborhood going up and right across from Grouper.  Now, don’t get concerned by the ‘AO’ comment……….YHC just couldn’t think of a better term to use.  However, after this morning there may be many more visits to Heartbreak Hill in the future for the pax of F3 Lutz.


YHC made it back to the BB courts a little winded with about 3 minutes to spare (after the 1 mile jog) before the start and found 5 pax who took the #DRP and looked ready to rock n roll. Shovel Flag was already planted, and quick disclaimer was given, and we were off as there was a lot of earth to cover in 45 minutes.


Merkin Mile was the warm-up for the morning once the pax hit Sunlake.  Heading south the pax did 10 Merkins at every other light pole.  What a great pace set by the front three pax (Grouper, Haka, YHC)……and every time YHC turned back to check the six, the other three men (Vanellope, Apnea, No-Ski) were right on our heels.  These were OYO Merkins mind you but the pax seemed to be in perfect cadence……a well-oiled machine!


Once the pax arrived at the ‘secret spot’, the men quickly noticed a vehicle strongly resembling YHC’s parked right under a big oak tree.  Coupons (4 Cinder Blocks and 2 Ruck Plates) were retrieved and men headed to the base of Heartbreak Hill.


First YHC had the pax do alternating Step ups/Box jumps (amrap) on the perfect sized concrete ledge/bench area that went ¾’s of the way around the hill.  Each pax sprinted individually around half circle and back in line…..pax sliding down towards the start after each took off.


Now on to the main event of this new spot…….partner up for a little modified:


Heartbreak 123 (FL Style)

50 Merkins

100 LBC

150 Squats

*All exercises done cumulatively with your partner.


Every pax has coupon for entire time……….P1 exercises while P2 goes to top of hill and back with block!  The pax seemed pretty gassed but did just crush this modified version of Heartbreak 123, the coupons were deposited back into YHC’s vehicle.


*And NO, the men did NOT take a ride back to the BB courts cause there was more work to be done!


Black Snake Run back down Sunlake heading towards LLR entrance stopping approx. halfway for a set up ABC’s.  While the pax playfully had a word ready for each letter of the alphabet called out, YHC was just doing his best to remember what letter was next.


Next the pax moseyed back to the Monkey Bars on the playground for some FL State Fair fun.  Vanellope remembered YHC telling him about the monkey bar hang challenge at the fair and how fun it would be at a beatdown……so here we go.


Monkey Bar Hangs – at the state fair earlier this month 110 seconds would earn you a crisp $100 bill so let’s see what the men of F3 Lutz could do!


Grouper, No-Ski & Vanellope were first up to hang and other pax held plank.  The second round saw YHC, Haka and Apnea on the monkey bars.  While this was difficult, and especially doing it at the end of a beatdown for most of the pax, there were two men in the group that made it look easy peasy.

Grouper was the big winner today posting a hold time of 3:08.  And Haka was right behind him at 3:06.  YHC is pretty sure the rest of the men had times that would have earned them $100 if at the fair……..however Grouper & Haka plan on hustling them fair folks next year for more $$$!


Now time was almost up so back to the BB Courts for a quick set of Flutters x10 (IC).


6:15 am and time to recover.


COT:  After a quick count-orama, YHC (instead of going last) started out the name-orama b/c wanted the men to do a little something different (theme of the day I guess).  YHC started with birth name, age, nickname…….but then continued to share what’s been going on in life right now.  Each pax then followed suit and shared their own stories, prayers, praises, etc.


YHC isn’t afraid to admit this was stolen/borrowed from F3 Tallahassee.  The great thing is the pax shared openly what was on their minds and some even opened up even more about what’s been hitting home with them in life beyond F3.  Great COT and great 2nd F………after a fun, adventurous 1st F beatdown.


Please also check slack for the article on yesterday’s Q-Source titled Shield Lock.  Some of the terms/verbiage may not make sense because we haven’t been following the Q Source, but a good message nonetheless.


Prayers lifted up for:


Apnea’s M and sister in law

Haka’s M and the bun in the oven

No-Ski & Haka job situations

-And all those fart sackers (non-dragon slayers)……..get yo butts back out soon men!!!  Don’t miss out on another good one like today!