A Show For the Passerby-ers

by | Mar 9, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Group Q
PAX POSTED: DBA, Grouper, Flat TIre, No-see-um, Vanellope

Unlike Thursday mornings cold workout, today was a perfect day at the Ranch to get in a good beatdown with the guys from F3 Lutz. 5 Pax arrived for a group Q. A little small talk in the beginning about the Mountain Dew brownies, still on everyones mind. Who knows maybe we will be able to lure back in a former Pax with those lol.


Warm Up: (Each Pax took an exercise)

  • SSH X20
  • Windmill X10
  • Imperial Walkers X15
  • Frankensteins X15
  • Cotton Pickers X15



Mosey to the Round a bout by dead end


Escalator with the following exercises:

  • Burpees X10
  • Balls To Heaven X20  (These caught the attention of some passerby-ers lol, i think the construction workers liked it most)
  • American Hammers X30
  • Shoulder Taps X40
  • LBC’s X50

Mosey to Clubhouse for 2 rounds of Squat holds against the wall for 30 seconds, than mosey back to Round a bout


Followed by the same exercises going down the escalator:

  • LBC’s X50
  • Shoulder Taps X40
  • American Hammers X30
  • Balls To Heaven X20
  • Burpees X10



Indian Run to The Preserve

  • Mucho Chesto
  • To the boardwalk for Dips X30
  • Step Ups X30

Mosey Back to the Round a bout

  • Broad Jump Burpees around the round a bout, 3 burpees at every line.


Good bye No-see-um, way to get out there and workout before having to leave.




Mosey to BB Courts

  • Bruce Lee’s
  • 4 Corners around the BB courts, (2 Squats, 2 Merkins, 2 Big Boy Situps, 2 Jump Squat Overhead Claps) X2
  • Bruce Lee’s


Flat Tire:

Mosey??? The Pax were confused with this call coming from Flat Tire lol… Mosey around tennis courts

  • Mucho Chesto

Mosey??? Again… Mosey around tennis courts

  • Bruce Lee’s

Mosey??? Again… now whats going on with Flat Tire lol. Around tennis courts

  • Walking Lunges from baseline to baseline



Indian Run to Dead End

  • Bear Crawl from curb to curb with 10 Crab Cakes at each end X4
  • Crab Walk from curb to curb with 5 Crab Cakes at each end X4
  • Bear Crawl Indian run back towards the BB courts
  • All out Sprints to get back to the BB courts by 8:30


Man these Group Q’s are no joke, all Pax pushed today and brought out the best of us.





COT: Flat Tire took us out…

  • Haka and Family
  • DBA and Family
  • Vanellope Friend
  • Apnea SIL