Exicon Roulette

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Apnea
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Murphy

No disclaimer needed as veterans were present


Mosey to main roundabout for the following, all performed IC

SSH X 15

Imperial Walkers X 15

Frankensteins X 10

Merkins X 10

Mountain Climbers X 10

Groiners X 10

Mosey to Sun Lake Blvd for


YHC instituted a rule found in the Exicon for the entire beatdown today called the Good Morning Burpees

PAX were to say good morning to anyone we passed or anyone that passed by us during the beatdown as we would do anyway. If the person responded in return with a “good morning”, then PAX would perform 5 burpees no matter what we were doing. Bonus points if the person did burpees with us. Unfortunately, no one passed close enough to us to execute the rule today.

Route 66

Starting at the first light pole on sun lake, PAX performed 1 burpee and then ran to the next light pole (towards 54) to perform 2 burpees.  Repeated this along sun lake adding one more burpee at each light post until we got to 11 burpees/11 light posts. Since it looked like it was going to rain at any moment (already drizzling), we turned around after the 6th light post but continued the exercise by completing all originally prescribed sets. The sum total of all reps was 66.

Mosey back towards the court along long lake ranch blvd stopping at the first light post to perform one set of Bruce Lees. Continuing the mosey, we stopped at each light post to perform one exercise of a mucho chesto starting with standard merkins. Finished our last set at the corner near the dog park.

Mosey to the mailboxes for one last exercise:

Russian Dips

Like a regular dip, extending one leg at a time on each down dip – Cossack-style. 1 rep: down with left leg extended, back up, down with right leg extended, back up. All PAX performed this IC for a total of 10 reps (4-count).

Great job. COUNT & NAME-O-RAMA


Prayers for Haka and his M

Prayers for Vanellope’s friend

Prayers for Apnea’s SIL

Prayers for Murphy and his M

Prayers for all those PAX DR, that may be going through tough times, and all that couldn’t make it today.