Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner…

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Haka
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, No-Ski, DBA, Vanellope, Sanka, Malware, Belding, Flat Tire, Apnea, Grouper,

Beautiful morning in the LLR gloom to start off this April challenge with double digits! Both teams representing and talking smack. Its going to be a fun month of competition and encouragement.  Congrats to team weenie boys for even having all of their team pax present! We caught them singing their theme song this am before the beatdown.



SSH, 180 degree jump squat, Shoulder Tap w/ Butt Kick, 1-Arm Burpee, Windmill, Power Thruster


The Thang:

100 Merkins & 150 LBCs (broken up any way you want) , run a lap around the tennis courts. We repeated this sequence one more time. @flattire wins first place for sound effects. You old guys are weird.

At the tennis courts, timed intervals (40 sec of work, 20 sec of rest. x 2 rounds)

180-Jump Squat, 5 Foot Shuffle, 1-Arm Burpee, Shoulder tap w/ buttkick, Power Thruster

All pax were working hard, @no-see-um pushing YHC with face to face power thrusters. Thats what F3 is all about!

Cont. at the Tennis Courts:

5 rounds: 10 Pendulum Lunges, 20 Merkins, 30 LBCs

Challenge totals:

300 Merkins

450 LBCs

Bring it team weenie boys!

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COT: Prayers for @Vanellope’s friend as he battle with chemo and paryers that @dba’s son is feeling better

Thankful to be out this am pushing it with a bunch of great men.