Just call us “Billy’s”

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um, Haka, Sanka, Apnea
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Haka, Sanka, Apnea

Amazingly glorious conditions this Wednesday gloom for Team #2 and their “Billy of a Beatdown”………..more on that later.  Team #2 decided that we wouldn’t play around when holding these mini-beatdowns because after all, if you’re out and about, you might as well put in some serious work!


Picture attached is how we looked this morning to avoid detection from the Oscar Meyer team or from any LLR neighbors that may decide to call the authorities on us for working out at 4:30 am 🙂



Imp Walkers


Baby Arm Circles

Cotton pickers



Mosey and at approx every 25 yards “on our path” 20 Merkins/30 LBCs (3 times). Quickly changed to sets of 10 Merkins/15 LBCs (4 sets) until one full round complete.


Mosey a good 100 yards or so for 5 rounds of the below…..Haka’s idea of fun. It’s a “mini-beatdown” after all so gotta keep it fun :).


5 Burpees (Real, Man Burpees here so full Merkins!)

10 Step-ups (per leg)

15 Merkins

30 LBCs


*Now Another Full Round Complete for those keeping score at home 😊


Some more mosey now while stopping every 25 yards and performing 10 Merkins/30 LBCs (10 total times).


*Another Full Round of Merkins and Two Full Rounds of LBC’s 😊


Haka’s turn now with a bright idea to do 5 sets of 10 Patty Cake Merkins with partner……(Oh Lawd, this “mini BD” is no joke!).


And now more mosey while stopping along route back to our super secret meet-up spot for 5 sets of:

10 Merkins/30 Merkins.


*So One More Full Round of Merkins and one more full round of LBC’s complete!

This beatdown was brought to you by Team #2 (soon to be named something amazing, I’m sure) 😊  The gloom sweat fest resembled nothing close to “Mini”…….in fact, we may start calling our non-regular beatdowns “Billy’s” because they are Bad Ass!!!


Total Rep Count:

400 Merkins

750 LBCs


Duration of this Billy:  47 Minutes on the dot!


Get Some you Weenies!!!