Amen Corner

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Grouper
PAX POSTED: Flat Tire, DBA, Belding, Grouper, No-See-Um, Sanka, Vanellope, Apnea

Beautiful morning this Thursday in April, and some painful fun planned for all PAX in attendance.

All regulars and dedicated April challenge participants, so straight to work.

Mosey to Traffic Circle
SSH IC x 20
Cotton pickers IC x 15
Windmill IC x 10
Superman IC x 10
Shoulder taps IC x 15

Mosey to traffic circle

Bear crawl burpees – 5 burpees at each line and 7 lines = 35 burpees

Mosey to FOP

Stations in the corner of the field of pain (I’m appropriately naming this Amen Corner in dedication of the Masters starting today, even though it’s a little less beautiful)

45 second of work / 15 second of rest:

As mentioned, since today was round one of the Masters we also had all cards with exercises pinned with golf tees into the field.

Upright rows
Overhead press
Squats w Ruck
Kettle bell swings
Flutter kicks
Front raises
Tricep Press
Lunges w weights
American Hammers

Finish with 15 burpees, and 50 leg raises
Challenge Totals for beatdown = 50 burpees and 50 leg raises

With 3 minutes left, @Grouper decided to pull 4 golf clubs out that were hidden prior to the beatdown. A little fun would ensue and we were going to find out just who had the best chipping game. Each PAX chipped one ball toward the center of the the circle. @Belding was the winner, so the losing team were handed a 10 burpee penalty. All PAX participated of course.

Prayers for @Apnea, his sister-in-law and family, @Vanellope and his friend battling cancer, @Haka and his M and @Grouper and his grandfather and family.
Also, prayer to all the fartsackers that could not make it and hopeful they will be able to join us again soon.

@DBA, @Grouper and @Apnea participating in the Starkey 5k this Saturday to promote F3 and have some fun in the process.

@Vanellope on Q on Sat at the Ranch.

(Special treat: See slack for video tribute to Sanka)