Damn Barking Dog

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Haka, Grouper, Apnea, Flat Tire, DBA, Vanellope, Murphy, Bjorn, Sanka, Hopper (FNG)


The pax kept pouring in this am as YHC was excited to see 11 #HIM, including himself, post on a glorious Thursday gloom.  Why so glorious you ask??  Well, first off we are all blessed to live in a country where F3 is possible.  And we are blessed to have the good health and fortune to post together and take part in all the Fitness, Fellowship and Faith that F3 brings.


YHC had one more day to get his speedo bod in tip-top shape before departing for Mexico (with Grouper…..M’s as well…..this isn’t a duo trip for just us two, I promise 😊).  Instead of requesting speedos to be worn to the beatdown, cause that would have been just plain weird, Beach/Mexico style attire was requested.  More to come on all that later but for now let’s get right to it…………


One FNG this morning so a full Disclaimer was given and then we were off with the gloom’s activities.


Warmup: (ALL IC)

-Baby Arm Circles x12

-Air Presses x10

-OH Claps x10

-Merkins x10


Mosey past tennis courts to East roundabout: (ALL IC)

-Mtn Climbers x10

-Plank Jacks x10

-Monkey Squats x10

-Mexican Jumping Squats x10 (OYO)


Partner Up Time and at first YHC was going to make those who didn’t participate (with a tank top/bathing suit/tacky, flowery/Magnum PI style shirt……loved it Grouper and Sanka) to automatically go skins for the partner work.  However, instead YHC felt pitty and asked for volunteers so immediately Haka and Flat Tire took their shirts off……..almost as if they couldn’t wait to work together….with no shirts on, hhmmmmm.  So then YHC and Grouper followed suit to make those two look a little less awkward.


On to the mailboxes for:

25 Dips/50 AH’s (flapjack/partners switch exercises)

*Rinse & Repeat*

Then together partners take lap around dog park.


*Rinse & Repeat*


(100 Dips / 200 AH’s)


Back to BB Courts for Cinder Block work:

1st round: 25 Hammers/Curls (amrap) – flapjack

2nd round: 25 Hammers/CB Swings (amrap) – flapjack

3rd round: 25 Hammers/OH Presses (amrap) – flapjack

4th round: 25 Hammers/Skull crushers (amrap) – flapjack


(100 AH’s)



Dora 1-2-3 (partners cumulatively do exercises…P1 runs while P2 performs exercise and then flapjack)

100 Dips (each partner does 50 total)

200 American Hammers (each partner does 100 total)

300 Monkey Humpers


(50 Dips/100 AH’s)


Next it was time to try the Merkin Train.  YHC remembers doing this at the Starkey Ranch Classic CSAUP last April, but forgot that there were only 5 of us and was much more manageable.  Lets just say this was a big fail but we gave it a shot.  Next time we’ll have to split the group into two different teams to do this!!


Three minutes left in today’s smoke fest so quickly back to courts for two rounds of 21’s.  Pax perform Side Straddle Hops In Cadence with the Q counting up to 5 and then all silent after that.  The goal is for all pax to stop at 21 in unison with a resounding clap to your side.


The first round was a little off by multiple pax and YHC will gladly blame that Damn Barking Dog for distracting us all.  Sooooooo YHC had a 5 Burpee penalty for the pax.  As a matter of fact, YHC forgot that like Apnea’s “Good Morning Burpees”…….YHC wanted to do “Barking Dog Burpees” this am but forgot.


Round two was much better and even our FNG (Hopper) was pretty much right on the money.  And perfect timing as it was 6:15 and time for the Countorama/Nameorama/COT.




-Welcome to Hopper (FNG) and he was excited to be out and thankful for the hospitality by the group.


-Continued prayers for Grouper’s grandfather who is recovering in hospital.


-Prayers for YHC’s dad as he will have partial knee replacement coming up in June, on top of just having major back surgery this past November.


-Continued prayers for the Ms (Haka’s and Apnea’s) as well as Vanellope’s friend.


-Praise by DBA this am as one year in with new company and all positive reviews….paid off with a raise!!


-Lastly, safe travels for YHC and Grouper (and M’s) as they get away for a much needed vaca!




-That Damn Barking Dog needs a nickname!!!


-Hopper (FNG) fit right in this am and was holding strong as his partner DBA pushed him throughout.


-A few pax (admittedly YHC…sorry, ready for the beach!) were a little too excited to go shirtless today.


-Team Sneaky Pete’s outnumbered the L7 Weenies this morning 6-3.  Only a few more days left to get points men!



Totals for April Challenge this morning were 150 Dips & 400 American Hammers!



*Next Beatdown – Saturday and Murphy stepping up to Q!!  Be there!