Keep Rolling

by | May 14, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Apnea
PAX POSTED: Apnea, DBA, Endo, Grouper, No-See-Um, Vanellope

All veterans were in attendance this morning in the gloom. Very quick disclaimer and we were off


Mosey to the main roundabout for the following, all performed IC

SSH X 13

Imperial Walkers X 13

Frankensteins X 13

Merkins X 13

Mountain Climbers X 13

Mosey to the courts for waters and then over to the FOP for the The Thang


Combination of a Groiner, Mahktar N’ Diayes, and Chilly/Plank Jack, done on an 8-count cadence. YHC figured we give this a shot in cadence and all PAX succeeded. Exicon states: “An awesome core and upper body workout that is both the solution to flabby abs, and a reason to beg absolution for your sins.” Groiner on 1 and 2, Mahktar N’ Diayes to Elbow Plank position on 3 and 4, Chilly/Plank Jack on 5 and 6, and Mahktar N’ Diayes to plank position (7 and 8)

Starting in plank each step was performed

  1. Groiner Jump Feet Forward
  2. Groiner Jump Feet Back
  3. Left Elbow down
  4. Right Elbow Down
  5. Jump Feet Out
  6. Jump Feet Together
  7. Left Elbow Up
  8. Right Elbow Up

Rinse and Repeat. We did this 10 times IC


Exicon states “The PAX complete a set of exercises in succession of the process of the firing of a gun.  Hammer, to Explosion, to barrel path.” All PAX started on the poolside path and performed the following sets.

First Round: 20 American Hammers per side, 10 Burpees, Sprint to pavilion side of FOP. LBCs until six was in.

Second Round: 20 Dying Cockroaches, 20 Jump Squats, Sprint to the pool side of FOP. LBCs until six was in.

Third Round: 30 Gas Pumps, 20 Merkins, Sprint to the pavilion side of FOP.  LBCs until six was in


Mosey to the center of FOP. All PAX in a circle of pain. While holding Al Gore all PAX shuffle in the direction called out by YHC. While shuffling YHC called out exercises which all PAX would stop shuffling and perform. Rinse and repeat:

Start Shuffle Left, Stop for 10 Merkins, Shuffle Right, Stop for 20 Bobby Hurleys, Shuffle Left, Stop for 5 Burpees, Shuffle Right, Stop for 20 Air Presses, Shuffle Left, Stop for 50 LBCs, and Recover

Mosey back to the poolside to collect the waters and mosey back across towards the playground path.

On the path by the playground, all PAX performed 15 Z-Pack Sit Ups. Named after the trainer who introduced this “fun” ab workout to YHC. All PAX held both feet six inches off the ground while on their six. All PAX performed a crunch/sit-up while keeping their legs in the same position (without pulling their legs in). All PAX performed 15 OYO.

Quick set of Bruce Lees.

Over to the playground for Morning Call. All but one PAX got into push-up position and held the up position while one PAX performed 8 pull-ups. Every time the PAX performed the pull-up, he would call up and all other PAX performed a merkin. After 8 pull-ups, he joins the PAX and the next got up and called out his 8 pull-ups. The cycle continued until all performed 8 pull-ups. No one left the push-up position unless it was their turn to do pull-ups or until all pull-ups were completed. We did one round.

Over to the picnic table by the playground for 40 total Russian Dips. Three PAX on each side of the table. Vanellope and No-See-Um got YHC to get into cadence for the set.

Back over to the playground path for FEBREZE (found on the exicon and named for the PAX that created it). All PAX on their six, performed 2 Big Boy Situps, remained upright after last situp and lifted feet up 6″ off ground, and then performed 8 Air Presses. Repeat with sets of 4:16, 6:24, 8:32, 10:40 (Big Boy Situps:Air Presses).

Back to the playground for Dubya, a pull up variation. With a standard grip, the first ‘up’ is toward your left hand then down, the second ‘up’ is a regular pull up to the middle then down, and the third ‘up’ is toward your right hand. Your chin traces a Dubya (W), aye? We did three sets for a total of 9 pull-ups.

Mosey to the Pavilion for Balls to the Wall for 10 count per PAX

One set of 10 Dirty Hook-Up Reps OYO. Performed as 4 count exercise. Pax planked up facing a wall with eyes on wall. “1” Right hand raised to press against the wall, “2” Left hand raised to the wall (now in horizontal plank), “3” Right hand down to ground, “4” Left hand down (back to plank position).

One set of Wall Sits with Merkins instead of counting. One at a time, each PAX came off the wall to perform 10 Merkins while all other PAX held wall sit. We performed one round total.

Mosey over to the parking lot for Dominoes which YHC didn’t set up and remember properly. What we did instead was with each PAX holding a right arm plank on the curb (with their left arm up), first PAX dropped their left arm and reached under the right arm, shifted to plank and then to a left arm plank. Next PAX in line performed the same until we got to the end of the line. Rinse and repeat by switching back to the right arm plank. We did this four to five times.

With about 2 minutes left, we got back to the courts and YHC called for a round of mary where each PAX called out their own ab exercise for the group to perform. All PAX were okay with going into overtime to complete the six sets (one per PAX).

Endo: Outlaws IC X 10

No-See-Um: Flutter Kicks IC X 10

Vanellope: Box Cutters IC X 10

YHC: Z Packs IC X 6

DBA: American Hammers IC X 10

Grouper: Sweat Angels IC X 10

Great job by all PAX


Prayers for No-See-Um’s Father

Prayers for Grouper’s Grandfather

Prayers for Haka and his M

Prayers for Vanellope’s friend

Prayers for Apnea’s SIL and M

Prayers for all those PAX DR, that may be going through tough times, and all that couldn’t make it today.



2nd F this Saturday in the afternoon/early evening. Details to be posted on Slack

2.0 Workout Proposed for this Saturday also to be confirmed on slack.