Schools out for summer??? NOT!!!

by | May 29, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Belding
PAX POSTED: No-see-um, Malware, dba, Apnea, Vanellope, Endo, Belding

As the YHC rolled up, there were several cars in the parking so thought maybe we had some FNG’s or PAX didn’t want to be tardy for the principal’s beat down, but turn out it was probably leftovers from the party at the pool the night before.

No disclaimer needed and the 7 PAX moved right into the warm-up


SSH x15 IC

Cotton Picker x15 IC

Windmill x15 IC

Frankenstein x15 IC

Moved to the parking lot (OYO)

Mosey from crosswalk to light pole

Back pedal back to cross walk

Karaoke to light pole

10 Merkins


Grab some water and headed to the Field Of Pain for the thing….

Dips on the wall

Mosey to the middle of the field


Mosey to pavilion end

Leg raises

Mosey to middle of the field


Mosey back to the wall

Repeat down the ladder and back up til the 6 was in (10, 9, 8…1, 2, 3…)

Quick 10 count and off to the pavilion for a trip up the ladder

1, 2, 3, …once to the top SSH or start back down.


Step ups (each leg)

Off to the playground

Partner up

1 PAX does bib-boy sit-ups, while the other does 1 pull-up then swap, until each PAX has done 5 pull-ups.

Mosey back to the BB courts to end on time.

Great work by all and encouragement for everyone pushing at their level and working hard.


No-see-um-thanks for the strength to complete the Ruck event with Grouper and Duce in ATL.

Prayers for those that lost their lives fighting for our freedom to give us the opportunity to post and have the great fellowship of F3.

Apena and his M and their 2.0