by | Jun 11, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Apnea
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Belding, No-See-Um, Vanellope

All veterans present on this muggy morning in the gloom. No disclaimer needed. Straight to business. Mosey to the main roundabout.


Imperial Walkers X 15 IC

Cotton pickers X 15 IC

Frankensteins X 15 IC

Baby Arm Circles Forward X 15

Baby Arm Circles Reverse X 15

Merkins X 10

Mountain Climbers X 10

Mosey to the playground for the start of The Thang

With three PAX signed up for an 10K obstacle course race in November, YHC decided to start the training early. The following exercise sequences performed are based on the recommended training for some of the obstacles we will encounter.

SAWTOOTH (AMRAP for 10 minutes)

Each PAX did 25 Gas Pumps, 5 pull-ups, and then moseyed to the nearest lake gate, ran along the lake path all the way around the pool, back out to the parking lot, and straight back to the playground (approximately 5oo meters). Rinsed and repeated for two full cycles.

WHEEL WORLD (AMRAP for 10 minutes)

5 Derkins

10 Chin-ups

15 Squats

20 V-Ups

We completed about 3 – 4 cycles.

TEETER TUBER (AMRAP for 10 minutes)

50 Squats

50 SSH

50 Calf Raises

50 LBCs

5 Pullups

We completed about 2 – 3 cycles

Moseyed back to the courts to finish up the beatdown

NUTTSMASHER (AMRAP for remaining 5 minutes)

10 Burpees

20 Squats

30 Big Boy Situps

We completed about 1 – 2 cycles



Prayers for No-See-Um’s Co-Worker, Haka and his M, Vanellope’s friend, Apnea’s SIL and M, and Malware’s safe return from his trip overseas

Prayers for all those PAX DR and anyone in need, those that may be going through tough times, and all that couldn’t make it today.