Sand Baggers

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Grouper, Belding, Apnea, Flat Tire, No-See-Um


Thursday in the gloom and YHC was excited for the Q he had planned. A bit much was planned and therefor a lot needed to be set up prior to the 5:30 am start. YHC didn’t quite give him self the ample amount of time needed so was scrambling at 5:27 am to finish the set-up phase.


YHC would like to say Shovel Flag was planted but it actually stayed “planted” in YHC’s back seat for the whole beatdown so some penalties should be forthcoming at the next beatdown.


4 other pax showed ready to GATA this am!!!


Disclaimer was given and time to rock-n-roll. After a quick mosey around the dog park and into the parking lot it was time for some warm-up.


Warmup: (ALL IC)

Baby Arm Circles x 8

Air Press x 10

Shoulder Taps x 20

Peter Parker’s x 10

Windmills x 8

Hillbillies x 10



Catch Me If You Can: (around dog park/tennis court loop)

3 man team (Grouper, Belding, No-See-Um) – Lead man on Sand Bag carry while partner 2 does 10 Merkins and partner 3 does 10 Squats.


2 man team (Apnea, Flat Tire) – Lead man on Sand Bag carry and 10 Merkins/10 Squats)



Sand Bag Starter:

*Sand Bag man starts it all as every other exercise set is AMRAP!


  1. Sand Bag – around mail box area and back


  1. 10 SSH/1 Burpee/10 SSH/2 Burpees/10 SSH/3 Burpees


  1. Block – 10 Bent Over Rows/10 Kettle Bell (Block) Swings…..repeat


  1. 20 Flutters/20 LBC…..repeat


  1. Block – 10 Curls/10 OH Presses…..repeat


  1. Bear Crawl suicides



**Three total rounds of the Sand Bag Starter

1st round YHC took out the Flutter/LBC set from above

2nd round omitted the Bent Over Rows/Block Swings

3rd round took out Curls/OH Presses.



Follow the Leader:

-Duck Walk – Mosey – Bear Crawl – Mosey – Crab Walk backwards – Mosey –

Crab Walk forwards – Duck Walk – Mosey – Bear Crawl – Sprint back to Courts




*Thankful that Grouper’s M and 2.0’s are okay after accident/hit-n-run.


*Prayers for Flat Tire’s pup, Comet, as he had a cyst/growth removed from back of throat and awaiting test results to come back.


*Prayers for those men DR or not feeling F3 right now but know they need to get back out for ALL THREE F’s!!!





*Great work by all today and the BD seemed to go by fast. Those Haka sand bags are no joke and need to be utilized more often 😊


*Flat Tire slayed that dragon beast this morning and showed out during the beatdown. Looked like he could have carried two sand bags on some of those laps!!


*Men got after it today and looking forward to a Grouper Q on Saturday.