Full Moon/Half Moon

by | Jul 27, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Vanellope
PAX POSTED: Belding, DBA, Endo, Grouper, Malware, Vanellope

6 Pax arrived this morning not expecting what was going to happen midway during the beatdown. All Pax arrived early but YHC hit the snooze a couple times this morning and showed up with a couple minutes to spare. A little chatter still going on about sore/raw cheeks from last Saturdays Endo beatdown. YHC showed up ready to push these guys and this is how it goes…all veteran Pax no disclaimer needed.

-Mosey around Dog Park

  • A quick head and shoulder warm up was added to the plan curtesy of DBA, IC-Head circle left X5 and reverse X5
  • IC-SSH X50
  • IC-Merkins X25
  • IC-Squats X25
  • IC-LBC’s X50

-Mosey to Sunlake

  • Merkin Holds (Down and Up on your YHC) X10
  • Squat Holds
  • Leg Raise Hold (6 Inches)

-Indian Run North to first Intersection (We tried to merge in with a bicyclist during our Indian Run but Grouper failed to catch him lol)

  • Clerkin X10
  • Jump Squats X20
  • Big Boy Sit Ups X30 *All the mumble chatter picked up again on this exercise, DBA had to take off his shirt and put it under his bottom for comfort during the exercise. Endo and Grouper continued to explain that they still have a rash on there bottom as well. YHC kept teasing that he couldn’t believe they are still complaining after a whole week.

-Mosey to 54

  • 10 Burpees X2 (Facing Sunlake to show all the passerby’ers what F3 Lutz does) But that wasn’t good enough. Grouper had to pull his shorts down to prove to everyone that he still had a rash on his bottom LMAO, FULL MOON or HALF MOON depending on the angle, Endo or Malware may have gotten the Full Moon. Just like No-see-ums 6 pack we cannot unsee Groupers behind.

-Mosey to the Big round a bout with a different couple types of Indian Run to make sure all Pax stayed together

  • Half Way there 4 Pax stopped to get in 25 SSH- IC while a couple Pax Slowsy’d ahead to recuperate
  • @ the round a bout X50 Mountain Climbers-IC

-Mosey to Playground (Wouldn’t be a Vanellope beatdown without the playground)

  • 5 Pull-Ups X5
  • 10 Rows X3

-Mosey to BB Courts with 2 minutes left each Pax went around calling an exercise with 3 Reps

  • YHC- Burpees
  • Belding- Burpees (lol ‘couldn’t think’ he said)
  • Malware- Dying Cockroach
  • DBA- Burpees
  • Grouper- Burpees
  • End- Release Burpee
  • YHC- Burpees with 360 jump

Done! Good day today guys, a lot of mumble chatter and jokes. And a 6 for 6 for coffeteria.



  • Thankful for getting the guys up this morning and having a good workout
  • Haka and M new 2.0
  • Safe travels for those DR
  • And those fartsacking