Bridge of Hilariousness

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Vanellope, Grouper, Endo, Apnea, Belding, No-See-Um


Low 70’s this gloom and a cloudless sky with the stars out in full force. In fact, several pax spotted multiple shooting stars before the beatdown began and Apnea, our local astronomer, informed everyone that there was a meteor shower taking place. About 3 minutes before today’s festivities began, YHC noticed that his Weinke that was kept on his ‘notes’ app on his phone had been deleted somehow………typically it is recoverable but not this morning.


Let’s hope this 40+ year old mind could remember all that he had planned!


5:30 and go-time for the pax…..after disclaimer given YHC tried to confuse the pax this morning and did NOT go directly into a mosey. Instead YHC had all the pax get on their six.


Warm-up started with some MARY this am: (ALL IC)

  • LBC x10
  • Sweat Angels x10
  • Boxcutters x10
  • Starfish Crunch x10


Mosey time for lap around dog park/tennis courts then back to BB courts for continued warm-up.


All on the 3-point line now forming a half circle:

  • Bobby Hurleys x 10 (OYO)
  • Split Jacks x 10 (OYO)
  • T Bombs x 10 (IC)
  • SSH x10 (IC)


On to the FOP where cones set up about 40 yards apart.


Burpee Dans

  • 1 Burpee : 4 Lunges down then coming back 2 Burpees : 4 Lunges…..then back down with 3 Burpees : 4 Lunges, etc, etc all the way to 6 Burpees.


*Quick Sip & 10-Count*


Back on line for some Bear Crawling fun. First set was OYO down and back for the warm-up. Then it was time to partner up for the Bear Brawl.

  • Partner 1 in Bear Crawl position while Partner 2 in front with hands on his partners shoulders resisting their forward progress down to cones and then flapjack.

The pax did two sets of the Bear Brawl switching up partners after the first go around.


YHC did some researching on the F3 Exicon page and when he found this next one it sounded like some fun. The pax (and their shoulders) will be feeling this one tomorrow!


The Grateful Dead (aka Dancing Bear)

  • In the plank position (for whole time) start with 5 Merkins then rotate 360 degrees to left. Left arm up/Regular/Right arm up/Regular. 5 Werkins now, then rotate back 360 degrees to right. Left arm up/Regular/Right arm up/Regular. 5 Diamond Merkins now, then rotate 360 degrees to left. Left arm up & Left leg up/Regular/Right arm up & Right leg up/Regular……continued this left arm/leg up, right arm/leg up until we truly felt like Dancing Bears.

***Possibly Drunk Dancing Bears…..but the burn was being felt!


YHC brought the cone square a little tighter now for the next bit of fun on the agenda.


First up, the Tunnel of Love. Thank goodness the FOP wasn’t as sloshy as Tuesday 😊. The pax performed the ToL for ¾’s of the square and so the back straightaway was reserved for something new that YHC doesn’t think has been tried here at #TheRanch.


The Bridge of Hate ……..which may have looked more like the bridge of Hilariousness for any onlookers.  Let’s just say the pax of F3 Lutz will need to work on our coordination and cohesiveness before trying this bad boy again. And there wasn’t an actual ‘Belding belly flop’, but he had us worried for a few seconds….HAHAHA!


              *Quick Sip & 10-Count*


COP (Circle of Pain): all pax holding Al Gore while each individually do 5 reps of the following around the circle.

  • Split Jacks/Star Jacks/Monkey Humpers


*** Now switch to Plank….and 5 reps of:


  • Merkins/Mtn. Climbers/Shoulder Taps


*** Back to Al Gore for 1 rep each of Starjack Burpees…….the pax completed 5 total rounds of this!


Back to BB Courts for some Mary.

Flutters x 10

Dolly x 10

Rosalita x 10


Quick lap around dog park/tennis courts. And this is when YHC was clued in on why Rosalita’s are called what they are…..such a dope and never realized that!! Thank you Grouper!


Back to BB Courts for one last set of Dying Cockroaches x20.


6:15 and the pax were gassed as everyone stayed on their six for countorama/nameorama and NAILED IT………the beatdown YHC had planned so thankful the mind and memory is still there.



  • Prayers for Haka, his M, Mason and baby Jax.


  • Prayers for Grouper and family as they head to the Keys this weekend.



  • Fun times in the gloom this morning with lots of mumble chatter and laughs…….specifically during our attempt at the Bridge of Hate. YHC knows we can get better at that one with a little more practice 😊
  • When YHC said very little mosey, he wasn’t joking. The last lap around dog park/tennis courts was improvised since we had a little time to kill at the end.
  • To comment further on the ‘Shooting Stars’ that were seen at the beginning of the BD…..there was even more chatter about last Saturday’s workout and the “moon shot” or “shooting star” if you will by Grouper……LOL! YHC would like to say he’s sorry he missed it……..but maybe not!
  • Vanellope is only pax YHC hasn’t mentioned yet in this BB so lets just say he was solid as always!!



  • Endo on Q Saturday (7:00-8:00 am)……tell your friends as he always brings the heat!!!