Feel The Burn

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Apnea
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Endo, Vanellope

With all veterans present, no disclaimer needed.


Prompt start to today’s beatdown as YHC decided to use the IPC week 4 (Grouper on Q this Saturday to deliver the IPC to all other PAX and maybe a second round to others).

Mosey around dog park and back to the courts for the following warm-up.


Frankensteins X 15 IC

Squats X 15

Lunges X 10

Baby Arm Circles Forward X 10 IC

Baby Arm Circles Reverse X 11 IC

Merkins X 10


To allow for enough time for the completion of the IPC Week 4, we got right to it. 3 blocks set up along the side walk in front of the courts. This week was as follows for time:

  1. 100 Cumulative Merkins and/or Squats
  2. 100 yards out and back coupon carry starting at our block. Head to the mailbox at the tennis court. Turn around and go to the ramp just past the entrance to the dog park. Turn back and head back to the starting point (total of 200 yards). This area was also outlined by cones.
  3. 100 Cumulative Coupon Swings and/or BonnieBlairs (1 leg = 1 rep)
  4. 100 yards out and back coupon carry along same path
  5. 100 cumulative coupon thrusters and/or traveling lunge steps (1 leg = 1 rep)
  6. 100 yards out and back coupon carry along same path

Rinse and repeat for a total of three rounds.

Great job by all PAX pushing each other throughout the challenge today and the month. Thanks to both Vanellope and Endo for mentally and physically pushing YHC to finish the last 100 yards out and back run in order to complete the challenge in just under 40 minutes. Vanellope also pushing Endo by making him think he only had 10 seconds left to complete the challenge in under 40 minutes when he had almost 2 minutes to spare.

Beatdown was completed a few minutes into overtime.

Times earned by each PAX listed below.

Vanellope 37:32

Endo 38:33

Apnea 39:55

COT (or Triangle of Trust)

Prayers for Vanellope’s Co-worker and his family

Prayers for Sanka and his continued recovery

Prayers for all those who couldn’t make it today and those DR


Grouper on Q this Saturday for completion of the IPC (Week 4). Finish strong men!!!