The Pain Continues

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Apnea
PAX POSTED: Apnea, DBA, Grouper, Vanellope

All veterans present. No disclaimer needed but quickly given (no suing anyone). Straight to business.
Mosey around the dog park and back to the courts

Frankensteins X 10 IC
Imperial Walkers X 11 IC

Quick Mosey around second court

Baby Arm Circles Forward X 15
Baby Arm Circles Reverse X 15
Merkins X 10

Mosey to the FOP

Exicon states “The PAX completes a set of exercises in succession of the process of the firing of a gun. Hammer, to Explosion, to barrel path.” All PAX starting on the poolside path performed the following sets.

First Round: 20 American Hammers per side, 10 Burpees, Sprint to pavilion side of FOP. LBCs until six is in.
Second Round: 20 Dying Cockroaches, 20 Jump Squats, Sprint to the pool side of FOP. LBCs until six is in.
Third Round: 30 Gas Pumps, 20 Merkins, Sprint to the pavilion side of FOP. LBCs until six is in
All PAX arrived at the other side after each sprint at around the same time so no LBC’s were needed (but we would get them in later on)

Vanellope was excited to sprint during the second set that he forgot 10 of the jump squats. He quickly looped back to complete the last 10 and then sprinted.

In preparation for the Savage Race, YHC used some recommended training items from the website with a little modification. Names below are some of the obstacles we will encounter.

SAWTOOTH (3 full cycles)
Each PAX did 25 Gas Pumps, 10 Z-Packs, 10 pull-ups, and then moseyed to the nearest lake gate (playground), ran along the lake path all the way around the pool, back out to the parking lot, back through the FOP gate, across the FOP, and straight back to the playground.

TEETER TUBER (3 full cycles)
On the playground for
10 Pullups
25 Squats
25 Calf Raises
25 SSH
50 LBCs

Mosey back to the courts with 3 minutes left

10 Burpees
20 Squats
30 Big Boy Situps

Savasana Time


Prayers for Vanellope’s Co-worker’s family as they go through this tough time
Prayers for YHC’s M and 2.0 on the way
Prayers for Sanka’s speedy but complete recovery

Prayers for all those PAX DR and anyone in need, those that may be going through tough times, and all that couldn’t make it today.