MERKIN in the middle

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Grouper, Vanellope, Belding, DBA, Flat Tire


Well, a couple heads held low this am as YHC and Grouper’s Bravos had a major let down last night in their NLDS deciding game. Only good thing was that the BAD all happened in the 1st friggin’ inning so it wasn’t like we had to stay on the edge of our seat till the end to then see our team give it away. Atlanta fans need a break in a bad way, damn it!!!


Speaking of ‘breaks’….YHC was definitely not planning on giving one to the pax that posted this gloom. Frustration was on his mind and planned on taking it out on the pax.


6 Pax posted, including YHC, and after a little mumble chatter on how those above-mentioned Braves totally blew it in the 1st……..Disclaimer was given and it was go time!



Despite Flat Tire’s moaning YHC called out “Let’s Mosey” and off to the East Roundabout the pax went.

All exercises IC!

  • Mtn Climbers x 15
  • Plank Jacks x 15
  • Salute Planks


  • Cotton Pickers x 10
  • Frankenstein x 10
  • Windmills x 10


  • Imp Walkers x 15
  • Air Presses x 15
  • OH Claps x 15


Mosey to parking lot just beyond the ladies workout group 😊


Lt Dans

1:4 ratio …..Squats:Lunges all the way up to 5:20


On BB Court #2 – Station Work:

  1. Run (this being the catalyst for rotation)
  2. Bear Crawl & Crawl Bear / Duck Walk
  3. Thrusters with Sand Bag / Presses with Sand Bag
  4. Flutters / Dying Cockroaches
  5. Merkins / Morning Wood
  6. Jump Rope / SSH

Second round there were a few changes:

  1. Run (this being the catalyst for rotation)
  2. Duck Walk
  3. Presses with Sand Bag
  4. Dying Cockroaches
  5. Morning Wood
  6. SSH


YHC tried to keep the pax moving all morning so very little breaks this morning. After setting up some cones in parking lot it was time for the finale.


YHC planned to do 11’s here but because of time modified it down to 7’s………..however, something had to be added as 7’s always need something “in the middle”.



Bonnie Blairs/Burpees with a Merkin in middle.



  • American hammers
  • LBC
  • Sweat Angels
  • Superman’s




  • DBA’s daughter was student of the month for all of 7th Grade at Rushe MS so congrats to her and the family! Dad was very proud!!


  • Prayers for all those men who will be DR on Saturday for different events/plans.


  • Prayers for Grouper’s travels and hopes that he can pull them Falcons through with a W!




  • Great work today men and each of you truly motivate me and I look forward to every beatdown for the Fitness, Fellowship and the Faith.


  • Has anyone else noticed, besides YHC, that Flat Tire really gets the mumble chatter going in the mornings. YHC believes he needs to HC more often and slay that dragon more often because it is just a better beatdown when that guy is around…………hugs & kisses to you Flat Tire 😊 😊 😊





  • Reminder men about our 3rd F / 2nd F scheduled for October 27th at The Ronald McDonald House down near Tampa General. Need to decide what we want to cook as the meal and 2nd F idea could be going to Sparkman Wharf for some eats/cold beverages…….just ideas!!


  • Florida GrowRuck is a real possibility of happening sometime in winter/spring of 2020 so be thinking about that. We aren’t sure where it will be but F3 Suncoast has thrown their hat in the ring as a host so that would be great since it is close to us!