The People’s Q!

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Grouper
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Endo, Vanellope, Apnea, DBA, Belding, Flat Tire, Grouper

Nice and cool morning for 8 PAX ready for the pain. YHC threw out a simple request on Slack the previous evening to gather some feedback from each PAX on one exercise they would like to see for the beatdown. Made no guarantees but in most cases each PAX submitted either their favorite or the most painful…(MUAHAHAHAHAHA).

Mixed in with some of my favorites and most painful of course. Straight to business:

SSH IC x 20
Frankenstein IC x 15
Windmill IC x 10 (thanks @Flat Tire for paying attention)
Superman x 10
Shoulder tap ICx 20

Mosey to Traffic circle
Broad jump burpees
10 monkey humpers at each line

Mosey to Field of Pain

DORA 1-2-3 in FOP after partnering up
100 Squats
200 Merkins
300 Flutter kicks

Slowsey to playground

One PAX do pull ups while other does crunchy frogs 5-1

Back At Pavilion:
20 Zebra wall kicks (lots of mumble chatter complaining about the pain)
20 Irkins
3 sets

30 step ups
30 dips

Mosey back to b-ball courts
@DBAs favorite core excercise – Balls to the Sky x 10
@Flat Tires favorite (best for last)- about 20 seconds of Savasana right at 6:15AM (He requested 10 minutes- HAHA!)

Peoples Q Exercises submitted as follows:

Broad jump burpees – @Endo
Pull ups – @ Apnea
Irkins – @ Belding
Crunchy Frogs ( – @No-See-Um
Zebra kicks – @No-See-Um
Monkey humpers – @No-See-Um
Mosey – @Vanellope
Balls to the Sky – @DBA
Savasana – @Flat Tire

For your viewing pleasure:

Great beatdown this AM and thanks to all PAX for joining.
Prayers for all PAX and families, those not in attendance either injured or fartsacking and anyone that may have something on their mind and not willing to share at the time.

Reminder of 3rd F next weekend @ The Ronald McDonald House
Grow Ruck 2020 in the works in our home state of FL- Stay Tuned for more details
Savage Race Upcoming November 10th