Child’s Play

by | Nov 2, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Belding
PAX POSTED: Vanellope, DBA, Grouper, Solo, Geek Squad, Miyagi, No-see-um (1/2), Endo (1/2), Belding

Another great morning in the gloom at the Ranch.

Several PAX posted for a pre-beatdown ruck, as Movember is in full effect and all are trying earn points.

Short disclaimer given, as veterans were present.

YHC wasted no time in getting going with a little Mosey to the Sunlake round about for a brief warm-up.

Frankensteins–IC x10

Baby Arm circles–IC x10

Merkin–OYO x10

Peter Parker–IC x10

Squat–IC x10


A short mosey to the playground for the Thang.


8 stations–50 seconds on work.  1 seconds to move to next station.  4 Rounds.



Overhead press with coupon

Jump Rope

Skull Crushers

Jump Squats

Bonnie Blairs (Yep time for triple points)

Coupon Curls (Yep time for triple points)

Lap around the dog park and tennis courts (0.25 miles).  SSH or other extra credit (Grouper and Vanellope–Coupon curls)


Endo only stayed for 1 round of CC and BB and messed up the rotation.  Doesn’t he know it is puff puff pass.  Don’t f*@$ up the rotation.

No see up left 1/2 way through but managed to get some points for his team.


Finished the last round just in time to get a quick round of 50 AH (triple points for some) before the AYG sprint back to the courts.



Friend of Geek Squad’s friend Bob cancer removed from his lip.

Blessed for the great day and a great beatdown with great men.

All those DR or IR.