Breakfast Blocks and Bonnies with a side American Hammers

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Grouper
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Belding, DBA, Endo, Flat Tire, No-See-Um, Juliet, Nader, Grouper

True beatdown in the gloom this foggy Tuesday morning and a cool 62 degrees. Quick disclaimer and right to it with 9 PAX in attendance.

Mosey to round about near dead end
SSH IC x 15
Frankenstein IC x 10
Cotton Pickers IC x10
Baby Arm Circles IC x 10
Peter Parker IC x 10
Shoulder Taps IC x15

Mosey back to b-ball courts and grab your favorite block

5 sets of the following:
20 Bonnie
30 Block Curls
50 American Hammers
1 Lap Around Dog Park & b-ball courts

Total Reps
100 Bonnie Blairs
150 Block Curls
250 American Hammers

SSH or continue with block curls and american hammers until all PAX finished (add your counts to point totals I post later for those participating in MOVEmber challenge)

Grab block and slowly to the field of pain

2 sets of the following:
25 block curls
Sprint to opposite end
25 merkins
Sprint back

Total Reps:
50 block curls and 50 merkins

Slowsy to b-ball courts and finish with 10 burpees

2+ miles and an excellent menu of MOVEmber exercises on the day

100 Bonnie Blairs
200 Block Curls
250 American Hammers (easy way)

+Bonus Points for those that got additional exercises in while waiting on six

Welcome @Nader and glad to see @Juliet back out
Prayers for @Vanellope and full recovery of his grandfather and that he and the family travel safely
Prayers for @Apnea and his M as they anticipate the arrival of their 2.0 next week
Prayers for all PAX with something on their mind and unwilling to share

Mark calendars for Florida Grow Ruck April 3-5, 2020 in Lakewood Ranch

Holidays coming up and time to be thankful and appreciate not only family, friends and health, but also appreciate this great group of men at F3 Lutz

Look out for details on 2nd Annual Ugly Sweater party sometime in December

Also pay attention to Slack for 3rd F being led by @Haka- two separate events 12/03 and 12/21.