Schools In For The Men of Lutz!

by | Nov 16, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Grouper, DBA, No-See-Um, Haka, Endo, Belding, Juliet, Flat Tire, Solo


9 Strong #HIM posted on this drizzly, cool morning (for FL) ready to get educated a little with a Q-School beatdown. Everyone posted in plenty of time for some chit chat and light stretching…….but it was quickly time to GATA as we were leaving the reservation today.


The Disclaimer:


*I am not a professional.


**You are out here because you want to be, on your own accord.


***It is you against you out here. Do what you can. Always do something. Modify any exercises as needed as I do not know what you issues you may have. If you can’t do what is called, or the number called, do something else but always do something to encourage your brother.  We will not leave you behind.


After disclaimer was given the pax moseyed towards The Reserve to check out some of their newly built amenities and their completed wooden bridges. After a quick plank at the corner of LLR blvd/Breynia to let the six catch up YHC made sure to state for the pax that “The typical F3 Bootcamp workout starts with some type of warm-up with some active stretching…….but doesn’t have to.” The Q makes the rules 😉


Now on to the wooden bridge just inside the gates of the Reserve. All pax circled up!




F3 started January 1st, 2011 at a Charlotte, NC middle school. & The Mission is to Plant, Grow & Serve small workout groups for men for invigoration of male community leadership.

  • If we are going to be leaders in our community, need to be leaders here at F3 as well. Each man asked to step up and Q……..that VQ can be nervous but once you do one, it is all downhill from there.


25 Squats (OYO)

*Al Gore*

How to Count:

  • Commanding voice….signals to the pax that you are in control, have a plan, and take leading them seriously.
    • Weak voice signals weakness. LEAD the pax the day you are Q.


  • Cadence – it is all about CONSISTENCY and consistency in all things is the building block of leadership.
    • Counting together builds bonds, fuels morale
    • Movements should match the cadence ALWAYS and Q’s job to make sure that is the case
    • Voice inflection signals the end/last rep (HALT) and then Recover.


Series of commands that come in three parts. Start by stating the “Next Exercise is”…..(Blank)……..(pax repeats it)


1.Starting Position…(pause)




3.In Cadence……(pause)


Then you let the pax know it is time to beginning by saying “Exercise


Warm-Up: (All IC)

  • Squat x 10 (20 total)
  • Imperial Walkers x 10
  • Crab Cakes x 10 (quick demonstration was given on this one as we hadn’t performed in a while)
  • Merkin x 10 (20 total)


*It is not easy and takes practice, preparation, thought and discipline. Freed To Lead – Dredd’s commander said your 100th time is marginally competent. Takes 10,000 times to be an expert! Soooooooo, we all have a long way to go, but that is okay!


Now at the next bridge the pax spread out for the next set of instructions and while planking YHC explained the 3 F’s and what each of them mean to the organization.

3 F’s:

Fitness, Fellowship, Faith……last one defined not as one specific religion or faith system, but simply the belief in something outside of oneself.

  • Fitness – Staying consistently Fit! The Magnet of F3…….what draws you in!
  • Fellowship – start to looking forward to coming out with the men you’ve met, having fun….the Glue of F3.
  • Faith – Been out awhile, you’re becoming fit, looking forward to every workout….you realize you want other men to join you (Give it Away)…….the Dynamite of F3.


While planking for the SIX, YHC commented how perfect the width of the wooden bridge was…….however, Solo made sure to let him know that not perfect for all pax. Solo has some inches on us so he had to stick that SIX a little higher up in the air 😊

Extended Warm-up: SSH, Frankensteins, Dollies x 25 (50 total), Six Inches

*We welcome men of all fitness levels and no requirement for membership other than you show up at the appointed time/place and follow what the Q does.


On Long Bridge:

Caterpillar – pax in plank 2-3 ft apart….5 Merkins (IC-10 total), then last man will box jump over everyone to other end, etc. (90 total Merkins done here)

On the dock:

11’s w/ Merkins/Squats…….from dock to the “T”! Must Bear Crawl & Duck Walk down and back at least once in any combination!

(55 total Merkins & Squats)


5 Core Principles:


2.Open to all men

3.Held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold

4.Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary.

5.Ends with a COT


*After completing the 11’s all pax did 10 Merkins OYO to get to 100 (from the Caterpillar)


To the BB Courts at Reserve:

(ALL IC) Dollies x 15 (30 total), Sweat Angels x10 (Solo), LBCs x10 (Juliet), Superman’s x10, Dollies x10 (20 total) (Flat Tire)


YHC had all pax a quick mini bottle of water to quench their thirst before………


*MOSEY back to flag*


Indian Run down Breynia with some OH claps/Air Presses mixed in.


Bye Bye Haka as soccer match was calling for his 2.0 and he was gonna most definitely be yelled at by the M!!


As the pax approached the corner of LLR Blvd/Breynia once again, YHC had an idea. Let’s stop and do one round of Howling Monkeys so all the folks out and about could get a little taste of what the men of F3 Lutz do when working out.


This is about the time Haka comes sprinting back towards the pax as if he left his cell phone back at the BB Courts in the Reserve…….but nope, he just had a big smile on his face and said “CANCELLED”!!!


  • F3 Credo: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.


Halfway towards the dead end time for a set of Mucho Chesto

(50 total merkins)


Slowsey back towards the flag until hitting the crosswalk and then YHC yelled out AYG to flag. All men finished strong and it was approx. 8:32 at this point.


Totals for the MOVEmber Challenge:

Merkins – 200

Squats – 100

Dollies – 100

Run Miles – 3


YHC will enter the numbers for each pax.



  • Grouper and his travels for work and with family over the next two weeks.
  • DBA’s work friend in India who was in accident and having surgery on legs.
  • Apnea, M and their 2.0 on the way next week.
  • No-See-Um’s old daycare provider from Atlanta that lost her husband in tragic accident last week. Left behind wife and four children.




  • The men were at attention today and did great job suffering through YHC’s attempt at a Q-School.
  • No doubt we have some VQ’s on the horizon as Solo and Juliet handled their business like pros when called upon.
  • Haka back out after a couple weeks hiatus and looking strong as ever!
  • Juliet has been quietly posting and putting in work…..great job being consistent!
  • There were lots of miles put in today (approx. 3.5 or so) and didn’t hear one complaint from Flat Tire………..I think he’s becoming a runner…bwahahahaha!!!
  • Endo carrying the mumble chatter as strong as ever. He and Grouper are surely scheming a way to jolt to the front of the pack in the MOVEmber challenge even with Grouper being out the next two weeks.
  • DBA with some interesting stories during the pre-beatdown Ruck with YHC and Grouper……lets just say “No Touchy Allowed” 😊 (4 Ruck Miles put in by the three pax)



  • Be on the lookout for news on Turkey Day CSAUP and most likely pushing BD time back to 7:30-8:30 being a holiday.
  • 2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party is in the works and looking like our man DBA will be hosting!!!
  • Check Slack as well for more details on 3rd F coordinated by our 3rd F Q Haka.