First Annual Turkey Day CSAUP

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um & Vanellope
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Haka, Belding, Malware, Endo, Vanellope


Turkey Day CSAUP:


10 min warmup…..squats, lunges, baby arm circles, frankensteins


15 min ruck (Time Hack) to Grouper’s/Primrose mailboxes.


            *Pick-up 50 LBS sandbag on way!!!


The pax started off slow but scooted at the end to make it just under the 15 minutes.



Series work:

*Circle up and Al Gore while passing med ball around in both directions for 2+ minutes.


*By 2’s, sprint to Sunlake and back (w/o ruck) but with 40 LBS sand bag while others 3 sets of:


-Goblet Squats x15

-OH Press 15

*Then plank up for the pair to get back.


Unofficial Times were as follows……

Belding/Endo – 3:08

Vanellope/Haka – 4:22

No-See-Um/Malware – 4:38


Ruck to The Hill – 8 minute time hack with 40 lbs sandbag, Med Ball AND the 50 lbs sandbag also found at the mailboxes.


*Took the group 9:45 to get to The Hill so there would be a penalty!


W/ Rucks On………

-Calf Raises x50

-Dips x 25

-Box Cutters w/ruck overhead x25


Rucks off……..

-Calf Raises x50

-Dips x 25

-Box Cutters w/ruck overhead x25


Then Ruck Up and……..


“Penalty Time”…..Big Bertha snuck herself out of Endo’s back yard and into Vanellope’s truck.


Flipped Bertha up the hill and down. The pax then did a little plank and inched our way to the right 10 paces and then back to left 10 paces.


Bear Crawl up and Crawl Bear back down x2 The Hill now!


*Now back to mailboxes and rucks off for quick water break. Mosey back to Bertha for another set of flipping up the hill and back down. Then mosey to the shelf around the hill for:

10 – Irkins (IC)

10 – Derkins (IC)

20 – Step-Ups (IC)


Rucks still off……..


-Calf Raises x50

-Dips x 25

-Box Cutters w/ruck overhead x25




Now time to ruck back to BB Courts with sandbags linked together. Belding with the boss move putting the 25 lbs med ball in his ruck sack!!


About ¼ mile into ruck back and there was yet another sandbag spotted in the median on Sunlake……….gosh, must have fallen out of No-See-Um or Vanellope’s truck right there. The pax now had a 40 lbs, 50 lbs and 65 lbs sandbag… well as a 25 lbs med ball as coupons. Oh, and ole glory was with the pax the whole time as well 😊



“OYO” MOVEmber Challenge exercises (since don’t think we can technically count the CSAUP as a ‘regular beatdown’:


Calf Raises – 200

Dips – 100

Box Cutters – 100

3.75 miles (per Haka) so rounding down and just put down 3 ruck miles!