by | Dec 20, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: Rockwell
PAX POSTED: Rockwell, Grouper, DBA
Three HIM showed up to endure cold temperatures and a workout put on by YHC.
0530 arrived and we were off.
Mosey to the traffic circle for a quick warm up:
15 – SSH (IC)
10 – Air Squats (IC)
10 – Air presses (IC)
10 Merkins  (IC)
Mosey to the next traffic circle where YHC was inspired by DBA on Tuesday.
1 Burpee, lap around the traffic circle; 2 Burpees, lap around the traffic circle, and so on to 5 Burpees.
Mosey back to the courts where DBA and Grouper were introduced YHC’s “friends” Roxanne and Sally (two ugly jagged pieces of concrete about 25-30 lbs a piece).
YHC cautioned about weight of our new friends and ensured PAX knew to lift with their legs and to not over do it if they did not feel comfortable.
First exercise would be YHC and Grouper doing air squats to Flowers (Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down).  Go down on Sally Down and hold to Sally Up. DBA doing a lap and then doing 10 bicep curls with Roxanne or Sally.  And then repeat for so YHC and Grouper could get some love with Roxanne and Sally.
Second exercise would be YHC and Grouper doing leg lifts to Roxanne (up first time you hear Roxanne and then down next time).  DBA doing a lap and doing 10 shoulder presses with our friends.  Repeat for YHC and Grouper.
Next exercise.  Shuttle Runs on the court, 5 bicep curls with our friends.  5 Sets of those.
Next exercise. Still on the court.  One person in the middle with Sally doing squats (10).  One PAX to the right and one to the left both doing Burpees.
After 10 PAX in the middle would switch out and rotate around.  5 sets.
Took a look at the time and we still had about 10 minutes.  Circle the group up.
15 big boy sit-ups and 20 LBCs.
10 Merkins on my count.  Last one hold at the bottom and side to side.
Look at the time and we have enough time for one last exercise.
Burpees to Usher’s Yeah.  Every time Lil Jon says Yeah you do a burpee.
Prayers for Grouper’s 2.0 and speedy recovery after being sick.
Prayers for all the men and men who could not make
Sting says Roxanne 27 times
Moby utters bring Sally up and bring Sally down 30 times
Usher/Lil Jon – Yeah said 75 times….