The day of 3 f’s and banana hammocks

by | Dec 22, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: haka
PAX POSTED: endo, dba, belding, no-see-um, juliett, vanellope, rockwell, flat tire, apnea

T’was the day of the 3 f’s, and all through the gloom, were hungry pax ready for work and some play. The pax were chattering mumble, while visions of @endo‘s banana hammock danced in their heads. YHC was ready to give ’em a good ole burn!


Warmup: SSH, Dancing Bears, Mountain Climbers, Lunges, Windmill, Plank rotation

The Thang:

11’s – Burpee, Split Jacks (per leg)

10 rounds for time: 5 air squat, 5 sumo squat, 5 plank rotations, 5 burpee

Lap around tennis courts

Bruce Lee

10 rounds for time: 5 Peter Parker, 5 Mountain Climbers, 5 BBS

Lap around tennis courts

Bruce Lee

Partner up at BBall court, 1 Pax on each side.

Bear Crawl to center, Patty cake x 20, Crawl Bear back to start x 3 Rounds

Burpee Broad Jump Sprints at BBall court:

As fast as possible Burpee broad jump down and back x 5

A little healthy competition among the PAX. YHC clearly beat @vanellope multiple times…he is in denial.

And to finish it off…1 more time of:

Bear Crawl to center, Patty cake x 20, Crawl Bear back to start x 3 Rounds. Some more competition here, YHC and @no-see-um remain undefeated champs.

Done. Great work today men.


COT: @Rockwell bringing us out in prayer today, prayers the situation at @endo‘s work ends peacefully. Prayers for all men, and thankful to be part of this amazing group.


Successful 1st F today.Meals on Wheels was a success. We were able to bring a smile to many faces. Looking forward to more 3rd F activities in the new year.

Successful 2nd F at @dba‘s! See slack for many pics that hopefully never make their way to social media!!! Very possible sightings of banana hammocks =)