Poor Randy

by | Dec 24, 2019 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Flat Tire, Belding, Solo, Rockwell, No-See-Um, DBA, Apnea


Christmas Eve morning here at #TheRanch and 7 pax (including YHC) took the Daily Red Pill at normal 5:30 time. Men in joyous mood on this holiday morning as most were off for the day and getting ready to spend quality time with their families.


Disclaimer given and YHC got right to some mosey.


Warmup (all exercises IC)……..moseying the whole time in between exercises around the tennis courts and all the way to Sunlake.


-Mountain Climbers x10

-Shoulder Taps x10

-Squats x10

-Frankensteins x10

-Lunges x10

-Groiners x10



Santa’s Ladder > Since it’s the eve of Christmas, YHC decided to incorporate some Santa work. First set, which was 10-6 Burpees was two light posts on Sunlake was a bit far so audible called and only went one light post for the 5-1 Merkins


*10 count*


Because of time purposes had to cut short Santa’s Ladder and only did half………mosey back to parking lot.


Elf on the Shelf

-Only 5 blocks in YHC’s possession and with 7 pax needed to have guys mosey around tennis courts while other men constantly put their “Elf on the Shelf”.

1st round – mosey and 2nd round – 50 LBCs.


Now time for some shoulder BURN!


Baby Arm Circles x10 (both directions)

Air Presses x15

OH Claps x20

Moroccan Night Clubs x25

Randy’s x30

*(You’ve seen A Christmas story, poor Randy can’t put his arms down. With arms straight out but with face palms down, move arms up and down 6 to 12 inches in cadence. Best used following Moroccan night clubs or similar shoulder exercise i.e. overhead claps, Jack Webb’s.)



Apnea’s 2.0 & M doing well but would love for him to figure out that night time is sleepy time 😊


-Prayers for all those we visited on Saturday with Meals On Wheels and for the family we adopted with three little girls. We must all remember many are less fortunate and what F3 Lutz was able to do over the weekend to help those families makes a huge impact.


-Talked to pax about remembering the reason for the season……Our Savior Jesus Christ being born!


-Thankful for a fun 2nd F party on Saturday night and for DBA hosting!



-YHC may have been a bit under-prepared for the number of pax being Christmas Eve and only one HC so the Elf on the Shelf portion of the BD needed a little variation…….directions were not YHC’s strong suit this am so took a little bit to get things ironed out.


-The pax went “up” Santa’s Ladder but weren’t able to make it back down as YHC once again made the first distance a bit too far and time wasn’t our friend. Should’ve listened to Flat Tire’s advice dang it!


Solo shared at Coffeeteria plans to start a new AO over at Starkey very soon as they already have 3-4 regulars there on the weekdays 😉


Merry Christmas to all!!!