If you’re injured, Endo to the rescue

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Grouper, Endo, Apnea


Beautiful, moon filled gloom greeted four pax for the first ever official/unofficial Friday Ruck/Run Beatdown.  Still figuring things out a bit so disclaimer was forgotten and ole glory was as well……..the pax will need to hammer out some details before next week so the flag will be planted.


Nonetheless, the pax were ready to roll right at 5:30 as YHC requested!  And although “Rucks will be needed” were instructions given the night before, YHC immediately had the men take rucks off and took off for a quick mile warm-up through the hood.  YHC was so quick to take off that Apnea still had his keys in his hand and Grouper still had phone in his pocket 🙂


Back at the courts around 5:39 and time to Ruck-Up!  YHC then took the pax through the reserve and circled back.  Pace had to be picked up a little at the end as time was running short and 6:15 was approaching quickly.


In the end, the pax arrived back at 6:19 am so not too much over time.


This AM’s stats:

1 Mile Run

2.4 Mile Ruck


*There was a little extra credit as Apnea and Grouper were nice and sweet enough to walk me back home……adding on another .9 miles approx. to their ruck totals 🙂



COT was brief and YHC will take the blame as another item that was forgotten and need to have more structure even on an official/unofficial Friday BD.



-Lots of mumble chatter today about the hellacious sweat-fest that was endured during Thursday’s Vanellope beatdown.  Soreness all over the body YHC was told.


-Also, talk of updating emergency google doc in case anyone gets injured or God forbid something more serious happens during a workout.  Endo is “All-Time” mouth-to-mouth/CPR giver……..


-The pax also discussed issues in the middle east and the US’s involvement…….prayers for all our men/women home and abroad that are fighting to defend our freedom.