Kung Fu Fighting

by | Jan 18, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: Belding
PAX POSTED: Vanellope, DBA, Grouper, Solo, Endo, FlatTire, Belding
A beautiful cool morning at the ranch for 7 PAX to enjoy a great @Belding Beatdown.
The mumble chatter started early as YHC called all to order at 730. All veterans so no disclaimer given and off for a mosey to the Sunlake roundabout.
Imperial walkers x15 IC
Frankensteins x10 IC
Air press x10 IC
Squat x10 IC
Merkin x10 OYO
Mosey towards Sunlake and low and behold what did we stumble upon….someone dumped some cinder blocks on the side walk so as good F3 community members we brought them along for THE THANG….
Partner up. At every other light pole heading North on Sunlake 1 PAX does 10 goblet squats, 15 block swings, and 20 block overhead presses while the partner does burpees. Then mosey with the block 2 poles and switch. Continue to Nightshade.
Slowsy with the block to the corner and a set of Bruce Lee for everyone.
Next a little Catch Me if You Can. 1 partner runs moseys with the block while the other PAX does 10 Merkins then sprints to catch his partner then switch. Continue around the North roundabout until near the bridge. Q called an audible and decided to leave the blocks there for someone else’s pleasure.
Mosey to the lake trail and head towards the playground. At the next gate another round of Bruce Lee. Indian run
back to the playground.
A little confusion for @FlatTire as the YHC changed it up from the playground to the pavilion for a quick sip then back to the playground for some pull-ups and flutter kicks.
Another sip at the pavilion and off to the wall.
Modified Dora…
Cumulative counts. 1 partner works while the other runs the the sidewalk and back. 50 Step ups (hard way which caused for counting issues for some)
100 Urkins
150 Squats
Running short on time so another audible to head to the fence by the courts for wall sit and balls to the wall with 10 count by each PAX.
Finished right at 8:30.
Prayers for Haka’s 2.0 for speedy recovery and to head some soon from the hospital.
Vanellope’s family friend in hospital from illness on cruise.
Belding’s co-workers husband in the hospital.
Endo and Vanellope’s Family friend who passed away.
Great work by all participating in the nutrition challenge. Everyone is pushing themselves and working hard to make changes.
Thanks to everyone for the motivating words about my fitness level improving as we did about 3.0 miles (according to Grouper) and everyone pushing each other throughout the Beatdown.
Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.