Cold as Ruck!!!

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: Grouper
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Belding, Endo, Miley, No-See-Um, Vanellope, Grouper

A frigid 39 degrees for this Tuesday morning beatdown. 7 PAX in attendance (all regulars) and straight to work. 30s would be the them!

Mosey to round about
SHH IC x 15
Cotton pickers IC x 10
Frankenstein IC x 15
Merkins IC x 10
Mountain Climbers IC x 15
Superman IC x 10

Indian Run to Sunlake
Mucho Chesto
Indian Run back to courts

To the FOP for exercises with rucks- one side walk to another end to end, completing the following exercises at each end. Each PAX would carry their rucks the entire way between each exercise.

30 overhead presses- at clubhouse
30 ruck squats- at Pavillion
30 ruck swings- back at clubhouse
30 flutter kicks (hard way)- back at Pavillion

Rinse and repeat- 3 rounds total

Once complete, Irkins/plank with ruck while waiting on all PAX to finish.

Mosey to pavilion- ground rucks

Mosey to playground and partner up. One partner doing pull ups and one doing leg raising. 10-1 pull ups, alternating.

Back to Pavillion for 30 merkins

Mosey to b-ball courts

Plank while we allowed @No-See-Um to finish his 25 burpees penalty as the ‘loser’ of the week one Nutrition Challenge.

All PAX joined in the last minute to finish strong with burpees.

Thanks to all PAX for being committed and glad to be a part of this great group of men.

Prayers for @No-See-Um flying solo this week with the M out of town and that his 2.0s don’t test his patience.

Prayers for @Apnea at work

Thankful for @Haka, M and his 2.0s, and that they are all back home after a challenging last week+.

Reminder- GoRuck Star Course in Tampa on Sat, 02/08 upcoming…4 PAX already signed up.

Also reminder to sign up for GrowRuck FL in Lakewood Ranch April 3-5. Need a strong showing from the men of F3Lutz so let’s make it happen if we can!