Straight To Business

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: Vanellope
PAX POSTED: Akbar, Apnea, Belding, DBA, Endo, Grouper, Miley, No-see-um, Vanellope

9 Pax this gloom with one visitor (Akbar). YHC arrived with a plan, and that was to get straight to business for this beatdown. Quick disclaimer was given and encouraged by all Pax to let the visitor know that the killer of men was on Q.


Warm Up…not soo much

  • SSH X15


Straight to Business

  • Next exercise was….the Burpee Mile. 12 Burpees and 1 quarter mile lap around the dog/tennis court X4.


3 Rounds

  • Merkin Clap X10
  • Squat Jumps X10


3 Rounds

  • Dead Lift Merkin with Hop X10
  • Inchworm X10


3 Rounds

  • Skaters X10
  • Broad Jump jog back X10


3 Rounds

  • Corkscrew X10
  • Wide Mountain Climbers X10


3 Rounds

  • Runners Skip X10
  • Split Jacks X10


YHC had pull ups on the agenda but unfortunately with lack time we did not get to them, but was able to squeeze in 3/4 of a Merkin Mile to send us to 6:15. Its not like that option was any better.




  • Prayers Newman and his family after the Daytona crash
  • Prayers for all those who could not make it
  • Prayers for all of our 2.0’s and guidance for as parents and role models



  • March 7th, 2nd F 2-10Pm, stay tuned to slack for more details
  • April 3-5 Grow Ruck
  • Stay tuned for some type of Burpee challenge for March
  • ┬áSome shout outs from todays beatdown:
    • Grouper always rocking it and pushing the pace, consistency
    • Belding way to keep pushing through, the results are showing
    • DBA you looking good and leaned out, maybe now you might be able to beat YHC in a race
    • No-see-um 3 mile run before beatdown, 2 miles during beatdown, REALLY dang good for a 41 year old (not 40)
    • Endo one of the best at mumble chatter, today was no different. Way too push yourself
    • Miley broad jumping 10ft, continuously hustling
    • Apnea making all the exercises look easy, way too turn on the jets when you heard us coming
    • Akbar not sure if you will see this, but it was a pleasure having you out there. Keep up the hard work