I got 99 Burpees and only a problem with the first one

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Grouper, Vanellope, Apnea, Miley, Belding, Flat Tire, No-See-Um, DBA


QIC: No-See-Um


The Pax: Grouper, Vanellope, Apnea, Miley, Belding, Flat Tire, No-See-Um, DBA



Beautiful mid-60’s morning here at #TheRanch and after a brisk 3.1 mile pre-run with Grouper, YHC was ready to get this Tuesday underway. Well, he thought he was any way but his new block friend (bday gift from the M) showed him who the professional was in the group……no major injury by YHC during his demonstration of a burpee box jump prior to the 5:30 am start so all was good.


Disclaimer given and after a quick mosey around the dog park it was right back to the BB Courts for today’s gloom warm-up.




Circle up with box in middle and sand bag on outside. All pax SSH (IC) with one pax doing 5 Burpee Box Jumps and one pax on outside doing walking lunges with 50 lbs sand bag. After every pax had their turn it was time to Rinse & Repeat with plank (instead of SSH) and cut out the sandbag lunges.

(10 total)


Extended Warm-Up:


On to the roundabout now for Ring around the Rosey:

One burpee (7) at each line with Monster Walk in between.


*YHC was slightly disgusted but also laughing on the inside by some of the jokes and names for the monster walk. Flat Tire……welcome back out and can always count on some good mumble chatter, haha!


R&R with Broad Jumps.

(14 total)


Main Event:


Next it was time for the pax to make their way inside the gate towards big lake where the next exercise would take place.

The Bearmuda Triangle with a twist though. Instead of just 1-2-3 and then R&R, YHC instructed the men to do 1-10 with only the first three and last three legs being Bear Crawls……the rest were mosey.

(55 total)


Playground time for the next Burpee exercise…….muaahahhhaaa. The pax were definitely on to YHC by now and not all that happy.

Partner up and one pax did 5 Burp-Ups while other held Al Gore.


(10 total)


Back to the flag/courts for some MARY:


Sweat Angels, Flutter Kicks (Miley), Freddie Mercuries (Flat Tire), Dolly, Rosalita, Superman’s and then 10 Burpees (IC). Finished things off Grouper-Style 😊

(10 total)


YHC kept his promise……..100 Burpees were not done on this fine Tuesday gloom…..only 99 of them!




  • Grouper traveling for work so prayers for safe travels.
  • Continued prayers for Belding and YHC for positive results from blood work.
  • Prayers for Endo’s injury and all other pax DR or fartsacking.





  • Solid work today by all pax and while not a lot of mosey it was a full body beatdown.
  • Thankful for the news that our Comz Q, DBA, has some great work being done to the website.
  • Again, great to have our lost friend, Flat Tire, escape the grasps of his dragon and post for once this month………just in time to get ready for the 100 Burpee Challenge.





  • March 7 is 2.0 beatdown as well as 2nd F starting at 2:00 pm for pax & families.
  • April 3-5 GrowRuck FL!!!
  • Don’t forget too men about Friday’s Ruck/Run pilot day that as far as YHC is concerned is a mainstay on the F3 Lutz schedule!
  • There is also the opportunity to HC for a 5:00 am pre-run every Tuesday/Thursday now so lets GATA boys 😊