looked good on paper

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: haka
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Nice morning for a beatdown in the gloom at the ranch. Unfortunately, there was 1 UA from @miley. This will be handled accordingly.


Sumo Squat, Hand Release Merkin, Chinook, Frankenstein, Windmill

The thang:

first up, a little burpee/mtn climber tabata. 20sec work, 10 sec rest x 8 rounds alternating the 2 exercises.

on to the following…

15min AMRAP

● 5 Jump Squats
● 10 LBC
● 15 Merkins
● 20 Squats
● 25 yard Bear Crawl
● Run around dog park

YHC kept hearing a little @vanellope voice saying “im gonna get you” and “im catching up” multiple times but lo and behold, this never happened.

Little recovery and on to the next at the court:

Perform 60 seconds of A1 followed immediately by 60 seconds of A2, A3 and A4.

A1 Split Jack

A2: Salute Plank

A3: Merkin

A4: Squat

Rest and repeat with different exercises:

A1 Burpee

A2: Plank

A3: Mountain Climber

A4: Reverse Lunge

YHC had another round planned but @belding made a good point that this looked much better on paper. So YHC decided to end it with some 21’s since we were smoked and it would be a good test of our ability to focus under stress. Only took a couple tries to nail it!

Great work today, guys!


Lets keep pushing ourselves and encouraging each other to be better leaders. This world needs it.

Moleskin: At Starkey this coming Sat. Keep up in slack with further details.