Feeling Fresh

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: Vanellope
PAX POSTED: Anchorman, Apnea, Belding, Grouper, Flat Tire, No-see-um, Malware, Miley, Vanellope

9 Pax showed this morning not knowing the amount of Burpees that was coming within the first 15 minutes of the beatdown. YHC let the guys know the night before that he was Feeling Fresh after being away for a couple weeks.


Warm UP

  • SSH X25 IC
  • Squats X25 IC
  • Merkins X20 IC (was supposed to be 25 but YHC couldn’t catch his breath during the cadence count, lucky for the rest of the Pax)
  • Nolan Ryans X10 IC (each side)


  • 120 Total Burpees on BB courtsĀ … YHC asked how many total Burpees were done? If Pax answered correctly no more Burpees to be done. But Pax answered incorrectly so we will be ending workout with another round of Prison Burpees (a lot of moaning ensued)

Mosey around Tennis Courts back to BB Courts

1:4 Ratio for the following… all the way to 5:20

  • Groiner : Squats
  • Peter Parker : Merkins
  • Big Boy : Freddie Cougars

YHC threw out another question at this time to give Pax a chance to redeem themselves and not have to finish with Prison Burpees. What is Vanellope’s favorite workout location? And without hesitation Flat Tire yelled the play ground/pull ups. Correct!

Mosey to the Playground

Partner Up

  • Partner 1 SSH…Partner 2 Pull Ups (Starting @10 and going down 8..6..4..2)

Mosey to the Parking Lots


YHC decided to finish off with some friendly competition and started matching up Pax for some one on one 40yd races.

Hats off to…..

  • Miley for smoking No-see-um…the young blood left the old man behind LOL
  • Flat Tire for leaving Anchorman and Apnea in the dust…who said age slows you down?
  • Malware for putting it to pops (Belding)…LOL
  • And Grouper…i got one question for you, What’s the back of my shirt say? LOL

All kidding aside, all Pax gave it there best and that’s all that matters. We are all Winners when you give it 100%.



  • Prayers for kids going back to school
  • The violence around the world
  • Grateful for another beautiful morning in the gloom