BRADY’S BUCS Gonna Suck??

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Grouper, Endo, Vanellope, Apnea, Anchorman, Belding, Miley, No-See-Um


QIC: No-See-Um


Pax: Grouper, Endo, Vanellope, Apnea, Anchorman, Belding, Miley, No-See-Um


Warm and humid gloom, as usual, welcomed 8 pax at #TheRanch this am.  YHC a little extra warm after the pre-run and looking forward to leading the men of F3 Lutz.  Disclaimer given and time to mosey!!!


Warm-Up at the dock:

SSH x10, Imp. Walkers x10, Hillbillies x10, Baby Arm Circles x10, Michael Phelps x10 (OYO), Merkins x10, Squats x10


Apnea, hearing our cadence from the courts as if it were our “wolfpack howl”, snuck right in about mid-way through the squats and threw YHC off a bit with his count.  


Now back to the wall at the courts and time to crown a Champion.  BTTW for as long as each man can hold.  YHC may or may not have been one of the first to drop so had a good view of the battle between Vanellope and Grouper.  Vanellope dropped and Grouper calmly looked around and asked if he was the only one left 🙂   A Dirty Bird crowned Champ this am and very ironic considering what the main event of the morning would entail.


After a quick sip, YHC had a few words to get the pax prepared for what was coming next.  “What we’re about to do is gonna suck….like many things we do out here 🤣!!!”  Question is “Will it Suck as much as the name of this exercise is going to suck!!!”


The pax partnered up and in another ironic twist YHC and Endo were partnered up……Endo being one of, if not the biggest Bucs’ fan of the bunch.  He didn’t have much trash talk though once things got started……probably cause the workout sucked a big fat one 🙂


B lockees 25 (lap with 2 blocks!)

R everse Lunges (2 blocks) 50 (lap w/ 1 block!)

A merican Hammers 75 (lap with 2 blocks!)

D ead Lifts (1 block) 100 (lap w/ 1 block!)

Y outhful Flutter Kicks 125 (lap 2 blocks!)

S quats (Goblet) 150 (lap w/ 1 block!)


B obby Hurleys (no block)

U pright Rows

C arolina Dry Docks (no block)

S upermans (no block)


The pax finished up all of the BRADY’S work ‘Dora-style’ and waited for six to complete.  Then the BUCS portion were performed AMRAP (each partner doing each exercise) while other partner sprinted one lap with no block.


6:15 am on the dot and workout was complete!




-Continued prayers for Vanellope’s M’s dad battling colon cancer.


-Prayers for YHC’s M and her scare Saturday night.



-Great effort by all today and beatdown really flew by.  YHC had Greta 1-2-3 ready for the last 10-15 minutes which obviously didn’t happen.


-YHC is pretty certain that all would agree that the “BRADY’S BUCS” portion of the beatdown truly did SUCK today.  And YHC is also pretty certain that by Grouper winning the BTTW competition this am, that it is foreshadowing for not only Brady’s Bucs sucking this season but also taking a couple L’s at the hands of them Dirty Birds to the north!!!


-If any pax’s forearms are NOT sore tomorrow I’d like to know your technique for carrying two blocks 🙂




-IPC 2020 coming September 5th.  Get yo-self signed up and get yo-self prepared.


-Yes Man Mile virtual challenge – now through September 30. If anyone interested communicate in slack as YHC will definitely be doing it to support #ThunderMeatEndurance!


-2nd F this Sunday – see slack for details and would be great to have lots of participation.