National Relaxation Day

by | Aug 16, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: Grouper
PAX POSTED: Anchorman, Belding, DBA, GeekSquad, No-See-Um, Vanellope, Grouper

Warm and humid morning as 7 PAX came prepared for an uptempo beatdown on this Saturday. Quick disclaimer and reminder of the F3 five core principles and strait to work.

Warm up @ b-ball courts:

SSH IC x 15
Frankenstein IC x 15
Squat IC x 15
Air Press IC x 10
Overhead Clap IC x 10
Seal Clap IC x 10

With Rucks, shuffle to Sunlake.

This is about when all the PAX were informed today was National Relaxation Day, which would begin promptly at 8:30 (following our beatdown).

At Sunlake from LLR blvd, head South performing the following exercises at each light post in a rotating fashion (one exercise per light post):

***Pick a partner (or two) and stay with your partner to help push one another.

Merkins x 15
Squats x 15
Ruck Press x 15
Flutter Kicks (hard way) x 15
Ruck Swings x 15

4 sets of each (20 total posts)

All PAX who finished 1st headed back to help others finish.

Slowsy to HOH and ground rucks.

Circle up around hill, then complete the following:

10 burpees
Bear crawl to top of hill and crawl bear back down
20 dips
Bear crawl to top of hill and crawl bear back down
30 step ups the hard way (with ruck)
Bear crawl to top of hill and crawl bear back down (with ruck)

Scout run back toward long lake ranch w/2 stops along the way, all PAX staying together.

Modified Mucho Chesto w/ ruck (5 reps instead of 10)

Bruce Lee (reps with ruck where possible)

Shuffle back to courts, all PAX staying together.

Ground rucks at courts and finish up with a couple sets of sprints (down and back twice).

Prayers for @Vanellope and his M and family as they go through challenging times. Prayers that his father-in-law heals and gets better.

Prayers for @DBA and recent injuries and that he heals completely soon.

Prayers for all PAX that might have something on their mind unwilling to share and for the continued heath of all PAX and families as we push through unprecedented events taking place in the world today.

Great job today for all PAX in attendance pushing each other, especially @DBA, @Belding and @GeakSquad!!

Quick reminders:
2nd F on Sunday, 08/16 at 5pm at Glory Days
Iron PAX challenge coming up- get signed up and represent F3 Lutz!!
Yes Man Mile challenge also taking place –