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QIC: Miley
PAX POSTED: No-see-um, Grouper, Belding, Flat Tire, Anchorman, Cheesehead, Vanellope, Endo, Apnea

QIC: Miley

PAX: No-see-um, Grouper, Belding, Flat Tire, Anchorman, Cheesehead, Vanellope, Endo, Apnea (kinda)


Beautiful Florida morning at The Ranch for a good mosey filled beatdown. Disclaimer given, and straight to work.

Warm Up

Tappy tap taps x 10 IC

Michael Phelps x 10 OYO

SSH x 15 IC

Mosey to Sunlake – @Apnea pulled in right as we left the courts, so we thought we would speed up to make him have to work a little to catch us.. turns out we didn’t account for @Apnea’s lack of vision. Funny thing is we all kept the pace moving so quick, we didn’t realize he didn’t catch up to us until we got back to the courts at the end of the beatdown. With @Apnea being the HIM that he is, he continued to get work in with a OYO beatdown.

On Sunlake heading towards the HOH

Escalators at the light posts

Merkins x 10

Flutter kick x 20 hard way

Squats x 30

LBC x 40

High knees x 50 hard way

Plank for 6

Slowsey to next light and back down the escalator

After the escalator ride, PAX were anxious to keep moving to the HOH (or maybe that was just a delusion by YHC) so we went right into:

Catch me if you can with the PAX at the end doing a burpee before sprinting to the front

Hill of Hell

3 sets of:

Box jumps x 20

Bear crawl to top

Star Jacks x 20

Crawl bear to bottom

15 minutes left to mosey back to the approx. 1 mile back to the courts. YHC wanted to show the PAX how we can all finish a 15-minute mile even when we’re all gassed (in preparation for our Yes Man Challenge this Saturday)


All PAX made it back with time to spare and all were happy to have time for a couple more exercises.

With balls to the wall:

Side slaps x 10 IC


Shoulder taps x 10 IC


6:15 and this morning’s down painment was paid in full.


Great work @Vanellope and @No-see-um putting in some extra mosey to not leave any PAX behind on our last mile

Welcome @Cheesehead! Great job today!!


Prayers for @No-see-um’s sister as she goes through her procedure, and that she has a speedy recovery, and for his M that she sleeps better so in turn, @No-see-um can sleep better

Prayers for @Belding’s 2.0 that she heals fast from her injury

Prayers for @Vanellope and his family

Prayers for @DBA that he continues to recover and can join us again soon at full strength


Ready for Iron Pax and Yes Man this weekend – if you haven’t signed up, you better get on board!