Is that an Ant Hill or Dog Shit?

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: Belding
PAX POSTED: Vanellope, No-See-Um, Anchorman, Cheesehead, Flat Tire, Boobie, Rosenbagger, Grouper, Miley, Belding

A great humid September morning for a sweat fest with 10 PAX posting during the week.
Quick disclaimer and we were off for a short mosey to the roundabout by the dead end.
Circle up for:
Frankenstein’s IC x 10
Baby arm circles IC x 10
Imperial Walkers IC x 10

Quick mosey to the dead end for a little more warm up….
11’s consisting of Merkins and SSH with duck walk between the curbs.
Back to the roundabout
Walking lunges between the lines with Carolina Dry docks increasing by 1 at each line.
Quick mosey toward the reserve trail entrance but wait lets stop at the first light pole for a little more work. This is where the group Q came into play since YIC just picked up the Q about 9:00 the night before so he was making it up on the fly. Merkins from Grouper, LBC from Cheesehead, and SSH from IDK who.

Escalator the following exercises at each light pole.
5 Burpees
10 Merkins
15 LBC’s
20 SSH
No-See-Um got a little confused as to where pole #0 and pole #1 were. Must have been that extra sand bag he was carrying around pre-beatdown.

On the bridge, Dips and step ups. 10 reps then bear crawl to the edge of the shadow and back. Which Shadow???? Which ever one you want. 9 reps, 8, 7…
After about round 2 we hear Miley exclaim “I think I just put my hand in an Ant Hill, or was that Dog Shit???” Must have been an ant hill since no one seemed to smell it. Way to power through those bastard ants.
Quick 10 count and then Indian Run back toward the courts. Circle back for Rasenbagger, who ended up pulling a calf. Way to push.
At the courts for some Mary
Belding–Box-cutter x 10
Flat Tire–Freddy Mercury
Boobie–Flutter Kicks
Vanellope–Leg Raises
6:15!!! Great job by all

Prayers for Rassenbagger whiles hes DR helping his parents move from Chicago to Ecuador for retirement.

Mole Skin
Great job by some of our newer PAX during Mary to lead the workout. Feel free to reach out to one of the brothers when you are ready to lead a beatdown and they will help you through it.
Its awesome to see the double digits PAX posting during the week on a regular basis. Keep it up.
2 new positions were announced to help F3 Lutz continue to grow, plant, and lead
Sweeper–Flat Tire
Weasel Shaker–Belding